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YouTube and TikTok creator Piper Rockel claims, swindling her

Piper Rockelleis a social media celebrity. Piper Rockel music is a producer and creator of content with more than 8 million users on YouTube.

Recently, the pop star Pink tweeted about images posted by Rockelle on her Instagram account. The account depicted the teen in a bikini. She claimed that her parents were swindling her.

Rockelle’s document life online since the year 2011.

Her Photos at around four years old were uploaded on Instagram.

¬†She’s now the star of a YouTube channel on which she is a part of a group of family members and friends, posting pranks, challenges and Vlogs.

From YouTube’s early videos on ways to create slime to the starring roles in web-based series This is the story of how Rockelle was one of the world’s most well-known teens online

Family Life :

She was raised through her maternal grandmother. Her mother and Tiffany and her two half brothers called Tyler Ray hill and hunter Ray hill operate an animal rescue organization that has received over 100 cats.

She has a dog named Frank Pugan, who has earned a following on social media for himself. In Valentine’s Day 2020, she was chosen by Lev Cameron Khmelev to become his Valentine

In 2021 she went to her home in Georgia to see her father but she didn’t see him.

Born actress and dancer YouTube and TikTok creator Piper Rockelle :

Piper is a brat who is young who appears to be more than 10 years old.

Not gifted in dancing, acting or singing but she declares that she is an actress and dancer.

She releases songs that are actually listened to for a reason vev.lo/pair.

Her videos are not appropriate although they are targeted towards youngsters. She is just not old enough to do what she is doing.

With Koji :

The brand latest Raresapp was created by YouTube and TickTok creator Piper Rockelle is a powerful application to use for you to add your Link in Bio that lets you share exclusive content and set up fun challenges for your followers to gain access to it

Controversy :

Rockelle :

How many children similar to Piper Rockelle were abused by their own parents? Pink tweeted last week. “And at what point will all of us think … “This isn’t appropriate for a 14-year-old to be taking a picture in a bikini as her mom takes the picture?

YouTuber, who is just 14 years old older, tells TMZ … “The most important thing that I would like people to be aware of is that my mother will not let me do anything. I’m a child who has an idea and my mom is just enough to support me through it.

Photos of teenagers wearing bikinis and having fun aren’t sexually explicit,” Piper told

She is P! Nk is worried … “I do not believe that P! Nk has ever seen one video on my channel. If she has, it’s me and my friends. having fun because they behave just like. The content we produce is something that everybody is able to see.



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