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Xbox Series X consoles Available on Best Buy

However access to the Xbox Series X consoles is currently restricted to those who are members in the retail’s Totaltech scheme.

It was introduced in October last year. Totaltech can be described as a protection plan for technology that starts for $199.99 annually.

Totaltech members are able to make purchases on Xbox Series X through this link at the date of its release.

Best Buy Totaltech gives you peace of mind with the form of a comprehensive plan with 24/7 technical support, up to 24 months of protection for your product for the majority of Best Buy purchases with an active membership with free delivery and standard installation, and many other benefits,” according to the retailer.

Xbox Series X consoles are also currently available for purchase at GameStop along with Xbox All Access.

Xbox All Access bundles permit customers to pay per month to purchase a new Xbox console as well as an Game Pass Ultimate subscription, starting at $24.99/PS20.99 on the Series S as well as $34.99/PS28.99 to Series X with a period of 24 months.

In an interview in the New York Times interview that was published in January the author claimed that that the ongoing Xbox shortages weren’t a result of fewer production of consoles as was the case with the previous generation. In fact, the scarcity was due to a rise in demand since the beginning from the pandemic Covid-19.

“When you’re thinking about buying one of the Xbox or a brand new PlayStation in the present on the market, they’re difficult to come across,” Spencer said. “And it’s not because the supply is less than it’s been. The supply is as large than it’s been in the past. The reason is that demand is far greater than the supply of every one of us.

“At this time, we’ve sold far more of the current generation of Xboxes which includes Xbox Series X and S than previously with any Xboxes. Therefore, it’s our job to ensure that we have enough to meet this demand.”

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