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William & Mary Admissions and Acceptance rate

William & Mary admissions is the most selective, with an acceptance rate of 37%.. Half of the applicants accepted at William and Mary have an SAT score of between 1360-1520 or an ACT score of 31 or 34. But, one-quarter of applicants admitted to the school scored over these ranges, while one quarter had scores below the ranges. The deadline to apply is Jan. 1. The application cost is $75 at William & Mary is $75.

Admissions officers of William & Mary consider a student’s GPA an extremely important academic aspect. The applicant’s grade in high school, if available, is thought to be extremely significant as are letters of recommendations. They’re thought to be very crucial for admissions officers in William & Mary. To view additional academic variables as well as other information about the school Learn more about the College Compass.

Admissions Stats


Jan. 1





William & Mary Admissions Requirements

Admissions interview

Not required or recommended.

Required Standardized Tests

Neither SAT nor ACT

SAT/ACT Scores Must Be Received By

Feb. 15

William & Mary Applications

Application Deadline

Jan. 1

Early Decision Deadline

Nov. 1

Application Fee


Common Application Accepted


Deadline for depositing a housing loan

May 1

Entering Class Stats


The most specific

Acceptance rate


Early Decision Acceptance Rate


Admissions FAQs

Do William and Mary require the SAT or ACT?

It’s not true, It does not require the SAT or ACT However, it will consider test scores when making admissions decision-making.

Do they need to write an essay for college or a personal statement to William and Mary?

Yes, students who are interested must submit an essay for consideration at William and Mary – it is a crucial factor in the admissions selection process.

What GPA will applicants need for admission to William and Mary?

The average GPA of the incoming students from William and Mary is 3.9.


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