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Will there be a season 2 of Hawkeye on Disney Plus?Everything You Need to Know

Watch Hawkeye season 2 spoilers.

Similar to WandaVision like WandaVision and Falcon as well as like the Winter Soldier before it, Hawkeye has been touted as a limited-run series meaning that a sequel season is unlikely. The reality is that Marvel could be more sneaky than Yelena in particular in regards in the direction of future major superheroes. Therefore, let’s just say that there’s no reason to be discouraged for the time being.

Each of Loki along with the What Would You Say …? were not kept on the air until their initial seasons had ended in Disney+, and even when an announcement for season two isn’t made but that doesn’t mean this is the last thing we’ve had on the screen Hawkeye appearing on the screen.

Variety definitely seems to believe that a new season is coming soon with the fact that the series was a part of the comedy category during the Emmys which is a category typically reserved for ongoing programs that are not mini-series of one-off nature.

Actually, there’s the category of limited series which Moon Knight is a part of – Moon Knight has been submitted there . The comedy category has a lot of competition with the likes Barry as well as Ted Lasso, so it surely is an intriguing decision by Disney to add Hawkeye to the scene.

In response to questions about season two, the duo of directors Bert and Bertie said to that to Buzzfeed: “It’s exciting to hear that fans are clamoring for season two. There’s nothing we can say. That’s the moment the moment you know you’ve done the right thing and that people are very content.

“They’ve been waiting for this ride and need more. More Kate More Yelena More everything. This is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so these stories will continue, right?”

Get some hot sauce on the table and join us on Digital Spy as we explore the ways “these stories” might continue into Hawkeye season 2 and beyond.

Hawkeye season 2 is a possibility to premiere date: when does it air to Disney+?

For most shows on TV the second season typically occurs between 12 and 18 months after the first. However, Marvel shows can be part of the larger picture which includes all of the MCU in general.

Due to this, it’s more difficult to determine when a show such as Hawkeye will come back or if it will ever be renewed. It’s equally likely that the characters will be featured in a movie or in a TV show of someone else instead.

If Hawkeye season 2 becomes real it is likely that new episodes will not be available in 2023, at the very earliest.

Hawkeye season 2 casting: Who will be part of it?

The most important question in the context of Hawkeye season 2 is the involvement of Jeremy Renner. Many ways the first season was a catalyst for Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop up to replace the OG Hawkeye moving forward.

Even though Hailee’s return seems like an established fact however, we shouldn’t completely rule Jeremy out for the moment. Based on director Trinh Tran Renner might have an opportunity to return with the MCU (although we’re guessing that his involvement in the future will not be as significant than it was in the past).

Talking to CinePOP, Tran stated: “There are always new stories to tell, particularly in the case of Clint Barton. There’s so much to learn about. We’ll have to watch and discover the outcome, however it’s a joy to collaborate with Jeremy. He’s a huge fan of his character. and is the only one that truly understands the real Clint Barton is. There are a lot of possibilities. We’ll see.”

There’s also a huge concern about Kingpin and his character, the character played by Vincent D’Onofrio each of Hawkeye as well as Daredevil in Netflix as well. In the last issue of Matt Fraction’s legendary Hawkeye comic Kingpin has gathered a number criminals and said: “It would appear we are in the Avenger killing business.” But, Echo turned the back on the screen in the Hawkeye finale , shooting Kingpin off the screen, presumably killing him ..

But do you think Kingpin really deceased or is he likely to come back someday, wounded but still very much alive? The odds are stacked against the latter. Did you catch the way he resisted all those arrows to his chest? If yes, then you can anticipate seeing him back in Hawkeye season two or Echo’s spinoff series. Hopefully, Kate’s new BFF, Yelena Romanoff (Florence Pugh) is going to be around to lend a helping hand with some hot sauce on hand , too.

“I cannot discuss any future plans because of the tradition of secrecy” Director Rhys Thomas told Collider. “Again that show is coming out, you don’t know how it’s going be received, and it’s been remarkable to see how well people have embraced to it and loved it. It’s also been fantastic to see her character be loved and accepted very firmly within the MCU. I am looking for where this character will go in the future. Yes, I enjoyed exploring the roads that are the MCU and would love repeating it.”

Renner has been more cautious in the past, telling the GamesRadar, “I don’t have a crystal ball or am not an astrologer. However, with Hailee join the show with these characters I believe it will be six amazing episodes for this type of event-based television. Beyond that, I’ve no idea. However, the six episodes I’ve seen are thrilling.”

In regards to Steinfeld her excitement, she was thrilled to be a part of the MCU and said that Hawkeye season one was the beginning for her adventure.

“I can assure you that Kate’s story is] just beginning in this series, which I am so happy to take part in and am so thrilled to play an actor that people have been waiting to watch on television for quite some time,” Steinfeld said (via GamesRadar). “I am very fortunate to be a part of this show.”

If that next adventure is with the large screen or on the smaller screen, we’ll have keep an eye on it.

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