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Who is Samsung Sam? Know Everything about Samsung Sam

The web can be a fun site. If it wasn’tfor it, Samsung Sam probably wouldn’t have become the viral phenomenon it did. The enormity of the appeal of what’s not a mascot, but rather a fascinating physical depiction of an assistant virtual has caused many to ask: Who do we think is Samsung Sam?

Sam of Samsung has an official name, which is Samantha clearly. Although it’s been closely associated with Samsung since the moment it went on the internet at the end of 2021 Samsung hasn’t actually created Sam its own or acknowledge its existence.

Samsung assistant Sam Samsung assistant Sam does not exist, other than the collection of 3D-generated images of a 3D-generated woman who is fun, interesting and appears to be a professional making use of Samsung products. Where did it come from?

These 3D renderings were developed by Brazillian design company Lightfarm working in conjunction with Cheil. You may be conscious of the fact that Cheil is an advertising business which Samsung owns. The concept behind this project was not to make these images make a splash with Samsung products. It was intended to show the way a virtual assistant might appear like when it was when it comes to human appearance.

Lightfarm already featured an 2D version from Samsung Sam but it went through a total overhaul and was later shared on social media with the 3D version. This is how Sam was spotted by Samsung was just below however, not in the way you’d expect.

The Bob haircut, the striking blue eyes, and the quirky impressions of the character attracted a bit too many eyes. Many proclaimed Sam of Samsung to be their Waifu the term used to describe affection online to refer to a cartoon character that one is drawn to, usually romantically. This resulted in less innocent videos with Sam from Samsung Samsung personal assistant Sam being shared online.

Lightfarm quickly spotted the issue and within a few hours, it removed the entire existance Samsung Sam’s existence Samsung Sam from its website. According to the saying, there is never a time when something disappears from the internet. Sam of Samsung continues to win the minds and hearts of the internet’s users.

Fake human beings have always had an enthralling effect, and maybe this is why the Samsung assistant Sam got an appearance that was bigger than life. Some might have hoped that it was the physical embodiment of Samsung’s somewhat insignificant Bixby or the evolution of Samsung’s NEON virtual assistant technology. It wasn’t either one of those.

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