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Who is Mary Austin? Meet the woman Freddie Mercury asked to marry

She was the woman Freddie Mercury truly loved.

Mary Austin may have been very different from the stunning lead singer in the Queen however she was among the most influential people in his life.

The friendly, working class girl was raised by her parents who were deaf, and remained at Freddie Mercury’s side until the time of his death in the year 1991..

Mary plays one of the major characters of the film Bohemian Rhapsody which where she’s performed by the actress Lucy Boynton..

It is true that Mary Austin still lives in the West London mansion where Freddie died of an AIDS-related illness in the year 1991. It wasn’t until last year the singer finally put down the tributes to the singer who died.

Who is Mary Austin?

Freddie Mercuryand Mary Austin were so close that at one point Freddie wanted her to marry him. He also left her a portion of his PS75million estate, which included his PS25million Georgian home in Kensington.They did actually meet, and even though they broke up as lovers They remained close to each other.Freddie once stated: “All my lovers asked me why they couldn’t replace Mary, but it’s simply impossible. The only friend I’ve got is Mary, and I don’t want anybody else. To me, she was my common-law wife. To me, it was a marriage.””We trust each other. This is sufficient for me. I wouldn’t be able to be into love with another guy the like I did in love with Mary.”Although Mary wasn’t involved in the making of the film, which features Rami Malek in the role of Freddie and Freddie, she is believed that she gave her blessing.

What happened when Freddie Mercury meet Mary Austin?

Freddie was the first to meet Mary at the age of 69, five years following the move to England.Aged just 24 at the time the man had just graduated from his art school, and 19-year-old Mary was employed at an West London fashion boutique, and their love bloomed.They eventually shared a small apartment close to Kensington Market, where Freddie was selling clothes together with Queen Drummer Roger Taylor.

The year is when Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin break up?

Although there were rumors about Freddie’s sexuality continuous presence of Mary ensured that his sexuality wasn’t considered for a while.The song was dedicated by the singer to his wife. Of My Life’ for her and then proposed in 1973.Mary stated: “I was speechless. I was thinking, ‘I am confused about what’s going on’. It wasn’t like I’d imagined to be.”But, Freddie could not ignore his desire for males and began to have affairs.He was believed to have revealed to Mary that the year 1976 was when he became bisexual. Mary later told her: “I’ll never forget that moment. I can remember telling him “No Freddie I don’t believe you’re bisexual. I think you’re gay’.”The couple eventually broke up and she moved into the same apartment and Freddie began hosting wild celebrations. Then, Mary remained close, and even was a part of his management firm.

What amount of money did she receive from him?

Freddie executed his will in the month of September 1991, in which he left half of his fortune his wife Mary and the remainder for his family and his sister.Many of his close friends and even his Jim Hutton, his lover Jim Hutton, were given PS500,000 each , or a house.Mary was by Freddie’s bedside, by his side when his death occurred at the age 45.Later, she carried out the wish of her father to scatter his remains. Although there are a variety of stories about where she buried the remains, including Kensal Green Cemetery or the cherry tree that he planted in his garden She has not disclosed the location.

Where is Mary Austin now?

Mary decided not to wed the painter Piers Cameron, who was the dad of the couple’s two sons, Jamie and Richard, and divorced her husband Nick Holford.Later, she explained: “I lost my family at the time Freddie passed away. It was all he was to me aside from my children. He was unlike any other I’d ever met before.”Mary is now 67 and is said to lead in a quiet life behind the walls of the London mansion. Fans continue to make frequent visits to pay tributes to.

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