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Who is Lady Sarah Chatto, Queen Elizabeth’s beloved niece?

Lady Sarah Chatto is one of the most mysterious British royals. The appearances she makes in public are generally reserved for the largest of occasions, but they are usually with no fanfare. In the month of June she was spotted at the National Service of Thanksgiving in London at St Paul’s Cathedral, where she was seated alongside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Then, she attended the tradition of events on Ladies Day at Royal Ascot on June 16, and was an enthralling sight for the royal family and her fans. What do we know about lady Sarah Chatto and why is her name adored by so many? Let us know … born in the year 1964 Lady Sarah Chatto was the last royal baby born in the royal palace rather than a hospitals. She is the queen’s sole niece, and is she is the child of princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong Jones, the first Earl of Snowdon and First Earl of Snowdon, which puts her at an eighth in the line of succession to the throne. Her parents divorced at the age of fourteen years old. No matter what her family lineage is and her family’s history, she remains a part of the Royal family, who prefers to keep her appearance low-key. Her image has a reputation for being “very unassuming, shy and almost embarrassed, with no grandeur at all”, one of her acquaintances once told British media.

She’s a household favourite and especially loved by queens

Lady Sarah Chatto and the queen have a close bond according to reports that the two have become closer after the passing of princess Margaret during 2002. Queen Elizabeth II “adores” Lady Sarah Chatto and has been “her absolute favourite younger royal” according to an insider who spoke to British media in such a way it is said that the queen “seeks out her company as often as possible”. When they are together, “much giggling can be heard” the report said, noting that lady Sarah Chatto and the queen are very comfortable when they are in each others company since they have “a sense of loyalty, fun, duty and the ridiculous”.

Happy to be married and happily brought up her own beautiful children

She got married British artist and actress Daniel St George Chatto in a private marriage ceremony that took place in London in 1994. Their first encounter was while working on The film “Heat and Dust during which she was an assistant in the wardrobe department and Chatto played a minor part within the movie. It wasn’t until 1986 that they were to be seen together in public at art shows, such as openings of galleries.

The couple has two boys (arguably among the top two attractive royals too) The boys are Samuel 25 an artist and potter who enjoys yoga as well as Arthur 23 with a strong physique and loves rowing, mountain climbing and diving ice. He is currently with the Royal Marines.

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