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Who had an affair with Candy Montgomery?

Who had an affair with Candy Montgomery? Candy, the Hulu series starring Jessica Biel, was based on a shocking 1980 axe murder. When it came out late last year, people were glued to their screens as the shocking story of Candy’s affair was revealed.

Early in the show, viewers find out the answer to the big question, “Why did Candy Montgomery kill Betty?” All of it had to do with Montgomery’s extramarital affair, but at the end of the five-part series, fans learned even more shocking information about her affair. And now that we know more, it’s not surprising that our “Where is Candy Montgomery now?” guide doesn’t end with the Texan housewife and her ex-husband Pat living happily ever after…

So, who did Candy Montgomery have an affair with, and how did things work out in real life? We look at the cheating that led to the true-crime shows.


Betty Gore’s best friend Candy Montgomery, killed her in 1980 when she was having an affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. Melanie Lynskey plays Betty Gore in the Hulu series Candy, which has a very good cast (Pablo Schreiber).

Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore met at church events and community volleyball games and started having an affair in 1978. They met every week at a local motel and split the cost. The relationship lasted until Betty gave birth to their second daughter in late 1979 when Allan broke up with her.

When Betty Gore told Candy Montgomery about the affair on June 13, 1980, things got violent, and Candy stabbed Betty 41 times with an axe three feet long.

Pat Montgomery, Candy’s husband, stood by her side after the affair and during the Candy Montgomery trial. In the Hulu show, Pat (played by Timothy Simons) finds a card from Allan to Candy in the fourth episode, “Cover Girl,” which tells him about the affair. But four years later, when the couple split up, it seemed like it had finally caught up with them.

But the last episode of Candy said that Montgomery’s affair with Allan Gore wasn’t the only time she did something wrong. Here is what we know about the other people Candy slept with.


In the fifth episode of Candy, called “The Fight,” the prosecution questions Biel’s character, Candy Montgomery, while on the stand.

“Mrs. Montgomery, was your relationship with Allan Gore your first?” the lawyer starts.
Candy says, “Yes, it was the first time.”
“Was that the last?”

Her lawyer, Don Crowder, played by Ral Esparza, raises objections repeatedly, but the judge rules against him, and Candy has to say, “No, sir.”

Candy’s relationship with Allan Gore ended in October 1979, but she says, “From early November to mid-December of that year, I was with a man for a short time.” So, who was the other person Candy had an affair with?

When asked for the man’s name, she says firmly: “I won’t tell you his name because it doesn’t matter. And I don’t want to hurt his family in any way.” Yes, family. This means that, like Allan Gore, the second man she cheated on her husband with probably has a wife and kids.

Even though she won’t say who it is, the man in question is probably the husband of Candy’s friend and business partner, Sherry Cleckler, based on what else is happening (Jessie Mueller).

Sherry looks upset during Candy’s confession. She leaves the courtroom quickly when the “not guilty” verdict is read. When Montgomery later asks where Sherry is, her husband Pat, who is angry to hear about another one of his wife’s affairs, says that she’s probably trying to keep her husband away from Candy.


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