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What Is Trigoxin? Is the Drug From ‘Run’ Hulu’ a Real?

You may be asking the same question if you have watched on Hulu: What is Trigoxin? Run is Hulu’s most-watched original film since its debut on November 20.

What Is Trigoxin?

Sarah Paulson plays Diane, a mother to a teenage girl named Chloe who is chronically ill with diabetes, arrhythmia and hemochromatosis. Chloe is confined to a wheelchair and receives a daily dose of pills from her mother. Chloe doesn’t actually have any illness. Chloe has been receiving mysterious green pills from Diane since she was a little girl. Chloe questions her mom about the pill and Diane says it’s Trigoxin, a heart medicine. She also explains that the red pill she is taking is not the green pills her mom used to give her. Chloe sneaks out of her mom to ask a pharmacist about the green pill. It is a drug that relaxes muscles in dogs and can cause paralysis in the legs if taken by humans. Although it seems that both Trigoxin (and the green pill) are fictional, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have real medicine. Trigoxin is, in fact, similar to a real drug called Digoxin. Mayo Clinic says that the drug works in a similar way to Trigoxin. It’s used to increase strength and efficiency of heart and regulate the rate and rhythm of heartbeats, leading to better blood circulation. Trigoxin, which is also used to treat heart disease, was shown in the movie.

Is Trigoxin Real?

The green pill is, however, similar to Lidocaine. In Run, the pharmacist explained that the green pill is a “muscle relaxationant prescribed to reduce canine legs pain or discomfort caused by sunburns. bites or cuts.” Chloe also learned that her mom had been using the drug. John Science suggests that the green pill may be based on Lidocaine. This is a local anesthetic used for sunburns, bites, and cuts in dogs and humans. According to the National Center For Biotechnology Information, Lidocaine can also cause numbness. Although the green pills may be based on Lidocaine it seems that the actual pills are fictional. According to the Mayo Clinic Lidocaine is often available in the form of ointment spray, jelly, or ointment. The pill form was perhaps a creative choice by the writers.

Run is available to stream on Hulu.

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