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What is durfing?

Mormons are prohibited from having sex before marriage, and DURFING is a common practice.

We will explain the meaning of this raunchy idea.

What is Durfing?

Mormons most often use dry humping to describe the act.

It is also known as simulating sex. The female wears her clothes while the male does the same.

Is it possible for Mormons to have sex before getting married?

The Church of Latter-day Saints enforces strict chastity standards for its members.

This means sex is off the table until marriage.

masturbation is also included. There are no exceptions.

It is generally against the law to hug and kiss for extended periods of time.

The church urges Mormons to wait until they turn 16 to date. After that, they are encouraged to stay serious until then.

They can date non-Mormons provided they have the same standards.

Mormons believe that sex should be enjoyed by heterosexual married couples and not as a way to have children.

What other terms are they using for sexual relations?

Similar to “soaking”, is a sex act that involves someone putting their penis into another person’s genital area and remaining still.

It is logical that there is no thrusting, and therefore does not count as full-sex intercourse.

There is also “jump-humping”.

To create motion, a third person jumps on the bed and two others “soak”.

Intercourse can be had without the man moving his limbs.

Dry humping is the act of making out while making out. This is mostly common between “normal mormons”, in Provo, Utah. One common hookup among mormon millenials is to make out and “dick surf” at a spot like the Y parking lot, Squaw Peak.

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