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What happened to Chloe Ayling, when was she kidnapped and what was the dark web advert?

A chilling dark-web advertisement made abducted British Chloe Ayling as a sexual slave following her abduction.

The shocking ad featured photos of the model drowsy on the floor. It also made her a sexual servant for “starting bids” of $300,000 (PS224,000). What is the dark web, and how did it profit from Chloe?

What did Chloe do to her?

British model Chloe Ayling 21 was narcotic-addicted and put in the black bag, before being told that she was to be auctioned off via the internet dark.

The mother of one was kept over six weeks in an old farmhouse.

Kidnappers were sentenced in July of 2018for the period of 16 years 9 months.

A judge heard about how the evil Lukasz Herba was trying to offer Chloe as sexual slave and then put up an unsettling advertisement in the internet’s dark side.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Chloe has stated that she’s resolved to “forge a new path now that the world can see I was telling the truth”.

The actress has been named in the House of Friends as one of those to enter into the Celebrity Big Brother House this year..

What’s the dark-web ad?

Herba who lived for a while in Sandwell, West Mids, collected the sick photos and put together a call card to use the internet.

He attempted to offer Chloe as sexual slaves for an “starting bid” of PS224,000 according to an email sent after her kidnapping.

It also contained information on the mother’s age, measurements and the place she was kept and the date when the “auction” would take place.

It was sent out in an unreadable email that was written in broken English as well as horrifying photos of Chloe sitting on the floor, muddled and another of her stuffed into an empty suitcase.

The email included the following: “Did you know chloe Ayling was kidnapped by Italy and is currently being offered for sale through the russian mafia ?? See attachment.

“i have been sending out wit codes, but people don’t know what to do, so I’m sending them unprotected right now.

“it will be f***n hot mateeee.”

The advertisement said “specific targets” can be located – with more money.

There has been a suggestion that the group let Chloe who is from Coulsdon, South London, leave after they discovered she had a son of two years old.

Is there a film being made about kidnapping?

Chloe Ayling informed The Sun that production of the film that will tell her story will begin in “early stages” – and she’s willing to be part of the project.

In a speech at the National Reality Television Awards, Chloe 21-year-old Chloe stated: “It’s the early stages however there are discussions taking place.

“It’s currently being discussed.

“I won’t play a part but I’ll be involved behind the scenes.”

What is the dark web?

The Dark Web has now become an enormous issue for authorities in law enforcement.

Deep web content is not able to show up on search engines. They are accessible via authorization and passwords.

So the internet of the dark is an ring of online activities that are not traceable and websites that are accessible on the internet.

They are not accessible via search engines. To access them, you must use particular software or configurations, or an authorization.

They are used by many of different individuals to track their websites active

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