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What happened to Arne Johnson after The Conjuring 3?

Find out what occurred after The Conjuring 3 and where Arne Johnson is now by continuing to read.

Arne Johnson

The Conjuring 3 looks at the strange trial and court case of Arne Johnson, who said a demon had taken over his body.

Michael Chaves’s The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It looks at the Arne Cheyenne Johnson case from a different angle than the usual Conjuring movie.

The movie changes some parts of the real story behind The Conjuring 3 to fit the plot, but it stays pretty close to what really happened.

Some names were changed, like Alan Bono, who was killed, becoming “Bruno.”

The main difference is about the investigations and possession. The Warrens and the Glatzels were the only trustworthy sources in this case, and they really disagreed about what happened.

The real Johnson is shown in the end credits. He was convicted of murder on November 24, 1981, and served five years of a 10 sentence.

Where Did Arne Johnson Go?

After Arne Johnson served the five years of his sentence, he was let out for good behavior. In 1986, he was set free.

Johnson was in jail when he got married to Debbie Glatzel. He also got his high school diploma while he was in jail. In the end, they had two kids.

The marriage is mentioned in the end credits of the movie, even though Debbie Glatzel has passed away since the movie was made.

Is Arne Johnson still alive and doing well?

Not much else is known about Johnson, but Lorraine Warren has said that after he was set free, he worked for a gardener.

Debbie and Arne Johnson both worked on the movie, and they both agree with what the Warrens say about what happened.

Lorraine and Gerald Brittle wrote a book about the case called “The Devil in Connecticut.” They said that they had shared the money from the book with the Glatzel family.

David’s brother Carl Glatzel has spoken out against the book since it came out (in 2006). He said it was a “complete lie.” He also said, “The Warrens made up a fake story about demons to get rich and famous at our expense.”

Carl thinks that the Warrens told his family that they would get rich. It turned out that the family had been paid $2,000. Carl also says that David had problems with his mental health and that he just got better.


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