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Program of the Walton County Jail in Florida


There are 11 high schools in the Walton County School District, one of which is this County Prison Program at Walton County Jail Program.

Rankings for the Walton County Jail Program in 2022

Here Program does not appear anywhere in the national rankings. Schools are graded based on how effectively they graduate students, how well they prepare pupils for college, and how well they do on state-mandated examinations. Learn more about the methodology behind our rankings of the best high schools here.

Results at Walton County

Media News derives these values for schools based on student achievement on state-required tests and globally accessible examinations on college-level curriculum (AP® and IB exams). These values are used to determine which schools are ranked highest and which are ranked lowest.

Data from Walton County

The data provided by the government forms the basis for the school profile information.

Rates of Graduation


Grades That Were Served



Fringe Rural

No to the Charter School

Magnet School No

Suitable for Title I Funding No


This information pertains to senior high schools managed by the state operating agency for this school. In many communities, there is just one high school option available.

Complete Institutions


Prison news

Sheriff Michael Adkinson states, “We find that a large portion of the population in our jail is either significantly below reading level or functionally illiterate.”

Because of this, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office is in the early stages of implementing “Sound Training Reform.” It was developed in Middlesbrough, England, and it has been shown that the reading program may boost participants’ reading ages by an average of 27 months in only six weeks. The Walton County Prison is the first correctional institution in the United States to serve as the program’s experimental location.

The sound training consists of six sessions, each lasting one hour and spread out over six weeks. A tutor educated by the program’s inventor and designer, Katy Parkinson, guides a group of four convicts through several exercises geared toward bridging the reading gap.



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