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Viviori Jewelry Review : Is this legit?

Where can I find the Viviori jewelry store?

The Viviori Jewelry Shop is a fashion jewelry store where most of the jewelry is modern and attractive for women. This business was the most popular on the list, making it the number one e-commerce store in the United States. The interface and navigation system of the site is exceptionally nicely developed, with sophisticated colors and visuals that are well suited to their sector.

Is Viviori Jewelry Legit? The store’s main menu header includes the Home and Collection sections and the FAQ and Contact tabs. The main page contains information on the types of jewelry they provide.

The collection tab, on the other hand, has the entire catalog. Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Body Chain, Bracelet, Body Chain, Bracelet, and Earrings, Necklaces, Earrings, Body Chain, Bracelet are among the subcategories. The product page includes a product description, photographs, warranty information, and other information. Regrettably, goods can only be purchased at a significant discount.


  • The store’s website address is
  • Corporate Address: The company’s actual address is not mentioned.
  • Viviori Jewelry Review, a consumer, was present.
  • Support email:
  • You don’t need a phone number to reach a customer, but you may SMS them directly.
  • Orders are delivered within one day after being placed.
  • Shipping Charges: There are no shipping charges when purchasing more than 40 USD of merchandise.
  • Procedure of Cancellation
  • Refunds are available.
  • Return Period: The owner guarantees a one-month return period.
  • Is Viviori Schmuck Legit: This remains unknown.
  • Exchange Policy: No information about the service is available.
  • Payment Methods Accepted: American Express, Visa, Google Pay, Discover, Mastercard, Apple Pay, etc.


  • There are several alternatives.
  • It’s too cheap, especially when a massive rebate is on the table.
  • You may pay for a variety of things.
  • On this website, you may only leave comments.


  • The level of trust is shallow.
  • The feedback could be more genuine.
  • The client support number is concealed.
  • There is no connection to social networks.
  • There are no refund or exchange policies.
  • The cancellation policy’s specifics are unknown.

Establishing the validity of the Viviori jewelry store:

This Viviori Jewelry Test article will inform you how reliable this website is. Here are some essential factors to consider before visiting the site.

  • Domain Registration: The domain was registered on February 18, 2002.
  • Remarks
  • Address confirmation:
  • Trust-Index is merely 1%.
  • Information about the operator: Viviori Jewelry is in charge of the authority.
  • There are no details since the Whois data is concealed.
  • The phone number, exchange or return policy, and cancellation policy need to be included.
  • Two broken connections were discovered.
  • We have no social connections and do not participate in any community platforms.
  • There are now 139 pages that have been skipped.
  • Plagiarism: 27% duplicate record and 23% joint record
  • Payment Options: Many options are available.

Viviori Jewelry Review:

According to research, the things on exhibit garnered numerous evaluations and excellent ratings. The vast majority of comments are favorable. They talk about how great the service and product are and say that it’s a good buy. We were unable to confirm the validity of this statement.



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