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Vicky Curiel : Everything you need to know

From Washington, DC, Vicky Curiel has risen to fame as a mother, businesswoman, and Internet celebrity. Take in the following text to find out more about this intriguing woman.

Description of Vicky’s Life

Born and bred in the USA, Vicky Curiel is a true patriot. Her alias is Vicky. A native-born U.S. citizen, she has dual citizenship.

She is biracial and comes from Dominican ancestry. There is currently no information on Amanda’s age or date of birth.

Her star sign is Virgo. As a result of her privileged upbringing, Vicky has adopted the Christian faith.

Vicky has made a name for herself in the business world and as a public figure thanks to her role as a famous mother. She has recently settled in the LA area. She ate up her time in New York and Florida in equal measure.

Vicky’s educational background includes completion of high school at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

After that, she enrolled at Mercy College in 1990, eventually earning a degree in business management and marketing the following year.

Vicky Curiel is about 60 kg tall and has a height of 5 feet, 4 inches. Vicky’s lovely brown eyes and gorgeous brown hair are absolutely breathtaking.


Family is very important to Victoria Curiel, and she has a great relationship with her parents. The names of her parents elude us despite exhaustive efforts to find them.

Vicky said that she and her dad had a convenience shop named “Vicky’s Superettes.” In March of 2020, Victoria announced her mother’s death over Facebook with a series of photographs.

In reply, she had sent her mother a touching note. Vicky is keeping quiet about her family.

Her aunts, uncles, and cousins are named Claudia, Iris Santana, Alexis Valdez, Santana Yomaira, and Hennessy Zuriel. Yet, she is a devout Christian.

No other details regarding Vicky’s early life, including her parents, siblings, or other relatives, are currently known.

Vicky seems to be highly secretive, as she has not shared any information regarding her ancestry.

At the moment, we are researching Vicky’s ancestry. We promise to keep you updated as soon as we find out anything new concerning her ancestry.

The Martial Life

In real life, Vicky Curiel is Vladimir’s wife. Regarding her initial meeting with Vladimir Curiel, Vicky has been mum.

Nonetheless, on August 27, 1987, the couple tied the knot, and they’re still together today.

They do many trips and vacations all around the world together.

On the night of August 27, 2021, the couple celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary by checking into a motel and having a romantic evening in.

All three of the kids were in good health when they were handed

According to her LinkedIn profile, Curiel is the proud proprietor of the popular Tamboras Grill Cafe. Her restaurant debuted in December of 2007.

She was the CEO of “Double Empire Records” from November 2013 to June 2017. She is the only owner of Tambora’s Grill CafĂ©. In December of 2007, she opened her cafe.

Nonetheless, she is now the CEO of “International Hub Records” after joining the company in June 2017. Vicky has collaborated with numerous notable figures.

Her Facebook wall, likewise, is covered in pictures and videos of famous people.

Vicky’s Instagram is full of pictures and videos of her stylish outfits, fun family moments, her daughter’s modeling work, exotic travel destinations, and her carefree way of life.

Yet, she uses Instagram to share pictures of her daughter’s modeling career. She regularly posts on Instagram about her kids’ musical endeavors and other achievements. Together, they form a partnership. Their oldest son, Brandon Curiel, is a musician and songwriter who has released several albums.

DaniLeigh, a well-known singer, and Brianna Curiel, a singer and author, are the names of their beautiful daughters.


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