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Tyra Hunt and Corey Benjamin: Who Are They?

Tyra Hunt and Corey Benjamin : Famous basketball player Corey Benjamin’s daughter, Cori Benjamin, made news after hitting her opponent on the court. It would be the daughter of Corey Benjamin.

The event was captured on film, which has now gone popular on the internet.

The video’s popularity on the web is skyrocketing. There is a video of Cori Benjamin assaulting her rival.

The other team has called the police to report the incident.

As the news spreads like wildfire, curious citizens are turning to the internet to learn more.

Tyra Hunt and Corey Benjamin: Who Are They?

The video shows basketball player Cori Benjamin allegedly attacking her opponent, Lauryn Ham.

After the game, Cori shoved her on purpose, causing injury. Unfortunately, Lauryn has not yet returned.

Alice, Lauryn’s mother, reported the incident.

Her mom uploaded it to YouTube, where it quickly became viral.

In addition, Cori’s mom reportedly said, “Go beat her!”

Indignant viewers of the video are outraged with Cori and her mother.

The public is hoping the authorities would take action against the mother and daughter.

who is Cori Benjamin’s daughter?

On the other side, Cori Benjamin is the daughter of Corey Benjamin, a former NBA star. The baseball skills of Cori Benjamine have been noticed.

The Los Angeles Sentinel said that she was 12 at the time.

Legacy Benjamin is the name of her sister.

The sisters’ combo is called the Benjamin Ballers. The twins have a dream of breaking into the NBA.

Sister also got into basketball because of Cori. They are both contributors to the Instagram account @benjaminballers.

They obviously don’t have their own accounts set up just yet.

They increased their Instagram following to 9,9797. Their profile is locked down at the moment.

Whether or if they welcome new adherents is unknown to us. We still don’t know too lot about them.

Corey Benjamin Wife

Both Corey and his wife Tyra Hunt would like not have any media attention drawn to them.

Corey’s long-term girlfriend claims that after an argument, he took her phone and broke it.

He allegedly then forbade her from calling police by taking the phone from her.

After fleeing the residence, Benjamin’s girlfriend went to the police station.

Three accusations were brought against Corey, two of which were misdemeanors and one of which was a felony.

Tyra Hunt Age

Between the ages of 30 and 40, Tyra Hunt probably lives.

Former NBA player Corey Benjamin is married to Tyra Hunt.


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