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Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth


In August 2022, Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth is approximately $40 million.

Tyler Ninja Blevins is an American streamer YouTuber, professional player and Internet television personality.


Is Tyler Ninja Blevins’ net worth?

Net Worth:$40 Million
Born:June 5, 1991
Height:1.87 m (6 feet 2 inches)
Source of the Country:United States of America
The Wealth Source:Professional Gamer/YouTuber
Last Update:August 2 2022

In November of 2019 it was his most watched streamer of with more than 14 millions followers, and an average more than 50k viewers per week.

Early Life

Richard Tyler Blevins was born on June 5th 1991 in Detroit. Although he was raised in the Detroit area, he relocated and his entire family into the Chicago suburbs at the age of one year old.

Blevins childhood throughout the Chicago suburbs was filled with the games on video and also sports. He was a student at Grayslake Central High School, where he played soccer. He was also a devoted video gamer.


Blevins his journey from an amateur player of video games, to becoming a professional gamer is a source of great fascination and admiration.

There aren’t many who are able to claim to have turned their passion or hobby into a career. Blevins began competing in 2009, when he participated in the Halo 3 event in Orlando with a modest results.

In the year 2011, Blevins became a streamer for however, he soon switched to In 2012his squad was the winner of the Halo 4 2012 MGL Fall Championships with Blevins getting the best score in the final game.

In the year 2017, Blevins joined Luminosity Gaming as Halo player. Then, he joined Battlegrounds and won the PUBG Gamescom Invitational in the 3rd Person Squads class.

In September 2017 the number of followers was around 500,000 in March 2018. By March 2018, his followers had risen at a rate of 250 per cent. Also he broke record for the record for the most stream during a game of Fortnite following the game alongside Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster.

In august 2022 Tyler Ninja Blevins’ net worth is $40 million.


Here are a few of the most memorable moments from Tyler Ninja Blevins’ career:

  • The Game Awards (2018) – – Won
  • 11th Shorty Awards (2019) (2019) – Won

Favorite Tyler Ninja Blevins Quotes

“I believe that what streaming sites have is a direct link with their fans. Imagine what it would be like if the likes of LeBron James or Michael Jordan could interact directly with their followers each time they went into work.” Tyler Ninja Blevins

“If I engage in a single chat with a female streamer in which we play with each other and even an indication of flirting, it’s going to be recorded and will be shown on every video and become clickbait forever.” Tyler Ninja Blevins

“I don’t feel uncomfortable at all, even when I eat! If somebody doesn’t want to observe me eating? You can let them go I’m going to find my energy. My argument is that would you prefer me to end my stream and return two hours later because I went out for dinner or just eat fast in between matches?” – Tyler Ninja Blevins

“When there’s no streaming going on, I’m not able to take the time to think about the progress that’s happening, and I’m not happy about this. I’d rather stay playing at home. I’m like, I haven’t been a star for a while. I haven’t had a big moment for a long time. Could it be because I’m getting slower?” – Tyler Ninja Blevins

“I’d already used Uber Eats Uber Eats app for a period of time and it’s incredibly user-friendly. That’s exactly what I search for when I’m looking into collaborations. If something is suggested to me I’ve never considered to form a partnership, it’s not authentic or at all natural. This is an absolute match.” Tyler Ninja Blevins

3 Amazing Lessons from Tyler Ninja Blevins

You now know everything regarding Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth and the way he made it happen and acclaim, let’s take a look at the best lessons we can gain from Tyler Ninja Blevins:

1. Be You

No matter what someone says the fact that you are yourself is sufficient.

2. You’re able to do anything

Take a look at the most successful individuals in the history of mankind. You have the ability to do all of that and more.

3. Make Use of Your Words, Using It Wisely

Think about the way your actions and words can affect others.

Frequently asked questions

What is Tyler Ninja’s worth? Blevins worth?

Tyler Ninja Blevins’ net worth is estimated at $40 million.

How old is Tyler Ninja Blevins?

Tyler Ninja Blevins was born on June 5, 1991 and is now 31 years old. young.

How tall Tyler Ninja Blevins stands?

Tyler Ninja Blevins’ height is 1.87 millimeters that is equivalent to 6 feet 2 inches.


Have you ever thought about the possibility that those video games you enjoy as a form of recreation could become an opportunity for a career?

Yes that’s right, you heard it correctly. One person who has done this is Tyler Blevins, popularly known as Ninja in the realm of games. He is without doubt one of the most prominent people in the world of social media right now.

At the time of writing, August 2022 Tyler Ninja Blevins has a net worth of was $40 million.

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