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Tuscano Elementary School ,Arizona

Overview of Tuscano Elementary School

Tuscano Elementary School, which is located in Tuscano school for children of the public situated within Phoenix, AZ, which is situated in a large urban location. The enrollment of This School stands at 359, and the school is a PK-5 school. The school’s student-teacher ratio is 12. This School 27% of students achieved or exceeded the level of proficiency for maths, while 35% scored over that level for reading.The school’s minority student population is 92 percent. The student-teacher ratio is 12 which is higher than the district. The student body is comprised of 49 percent female students and 51% of male students. There 31 full-time equivalent teachers.

At a Glance

Student/Teacher Ratio12Math Proficency27%Reading Proficency35%

Tuscano Elementary School 2023 Rankings

Tuscano Elementary School ranks 745 in Arizona elementary schools. Schools are ranked based on their scores on state-mandated exams, graduation rates, as well as the extent to which they prepare their students for the high school. Find out more about our methodology for determining the top elementary schools..

All Rankings

  • #745in Arizona Elementary Schools
  • #4-5in Fowler Elementary District (4273) Elementary Schools

Ranking Factors

What is the score? Tuscano Elementary School was ranked statewide among the 1006 schools that were which were ranked across Arizona.

Students/Teachers at Tuscano Elementary School

These numbers and percentages of teachers and students come taken from the data provided by state education departments to the federal government.

Test Scores at this School

In this School at arizona, 27% of students were above or at the level of proficiency for math. 35% scored over that reading level.

Comparatively to District, Fowler Elementary School performed poorly in math but did better at reading, as per this measure. In the Fowler Elementary District (4273) 33percent of the students scored in the proficiency reading level, while 28% of them tested at or above the proficient level in math.

This School performed worse in math and reading when as compared to other students in the state. In Arizona the students at Tuscano Elementary School, 44% were tested in the proficiency reading level, and 43% of them tested over that level in math.

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