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Tulo Mattress Overview in 2023

Tulo Mattress Guide

Tulo mattress is bed-in-a-box company that is owned by Mattress Firm, a longtime mattress retailer established in 1986. It has a selection in memory foam mattress, as well as hybrid models that come in various sizes and levels of firmness to fit your preferences. You can purchase Tulo mattresses through Mattress Firm stores or online.

Tulo Mattress Overview

Facts about the fast:

  • Tulo, Mattress Firm’s bed in a box brand, offers a wide selection of memory foam mattresses at a reasonable price and hybrid mattresses.
  • Tulo offers 120-night sleep trials on all of its mattresses which is slightly longer than other companies in the field.

It offers a broad selection of mattresses that will meet your requirements. At present, they sell the Memory Foam Bamboo model, the standard Hybrid mattress, and one that is a Memory Foam Lavender mattress. Each model comes in various sizes and models come with different levels of firmness, too.Its main model is the Memory Foam Bamboo mattress, comprised from memory foam that is infused with green tea as well as a cover that is stitched with bamboo thread. It is available in the standard sizes of mattresses that include twin Twin XL, twin, full queen, king and full. It is also available in various dimensions and firmnesses. Its 8 inch Memory Foam Bamboo mattress has two layers: the base is 6 inches of firm memory foam and a four-inch top layer of memory foam made from green tea.

The Tulo Memory Foam Lavender mattress is quite similar to the Bamboo mattress, but with the exception of a few minor variations. Although the Lavender mattress is available in the same dimensions like Tulo’s Bamboo mattress, it’s composed of lavender-infused foam instead of green tea-infused , foam. It’s also a bit cheaper It’s a bit cheaper: A queen-size 8-inch Memory Foam Bamboo mattress costs $619.99 While an 8-inch queen-sized Lavender mattress is $579.99.

The Tulo Hybrid is a standard hybrid mattress that has steel coils that are pocketed and has a variety of different levels of memory foam. You can choose from a variety of choices of firmness levels – medium moderate-firm, plush, or firm – based on the way you sleep. The queen-sized hybrids cost between $599.99 to $1,039.99 in accordance with the size you select.

Tulo manufactures every mattress it sells within the U.S. and all of its mattresses are CertiPUR US certified which means that they’re not made of heavy metals such as mercury as well as chemicals such as flame retardants.

How Much Do Tulo Mattresses Cost?

The prices of Tulo mattresses vary in accordance with the height, size and mattress type. For instance, a 6-inch twin-sized Tulo Memory Foam Lavender mattress costs $312.73 and a 13-inch California King size Tulo Hybrid mattress costs $1,299.99. Comparatively to the nearly 300 mattress Media news 360 Reviews reviewed for our mattress ratings, Tulo mattresses are fairly affordable and cost a lot lower than the other mattresses.

Tulo Hybrid Mattress

Sizes of mattresses available:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Tulo’s hybrid mattress is composed of pockets of coils and memory foam. It comes in a variety of heights of 8 in., 10 inch 11 , 12 as well as 13 inches. The model is also available with a variety of degrees of firmness: medium, medium-firm, firm or extra soft (or very soft). The mattresses are composed of polyfoam in the majority however those with 11 inches, 12 inches and 13-inch models come with an additional cooling gel-infused foam layer. The hybrid is more expensive than mattresses made of memory foam. A queen-size 8-inch hybrid is $699.99 for a queen-size 13-inch hybrid is $1,039.99.


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