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Tucker Carlson has emergency back surgery

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was treated for back pain on Wednesday morning. He then performed his show at night.

“Tucker Carlson was in the hospital for an emergency back surgery on his arm yesterday, but performed the show regardless. He is grateful to all that tuned-in and followed attentively,” a Fox News spokesperson released a statement Thursday.

The network didn’t provide any specifics or reasons for the crisis, but According to Vice, Carlson slept poorly on Tuesday night due to the pain he felt following an incident that was not specified on Monday.

In the interview, Carlson, who hosts the highest-rated show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, claimed the experience made him be able to understand the issue of opioids across the nation in a greater way.

“That was among the most intense events in my entire life,”” Carlson said. “They came at me I was told that this morning, using such massive doses of Dilaudid that is more potent than morphine. When I arrived, I was having trouble breathing. It scared theoff of me. It didn’t do anything in any way. Then, all night long, I lay in bed, and the nurse increased the dosage of Dilaudid to the point that every eight minutes , I hit it and it felt similar to being shot. Like, boom, feel it hit me and it didn’t even touch the pain.”

Carlson who was in conversation with his production team and said that he had taken the painkiller propofol and caused him to fall asleep. When he woke the pain had gone according to him. Carlson stated that he’ll be careful not to take any more opioids.

Carlson said the experience was the experience caused him to lose his passion and motivation to accomplish anything.

“I thought that was the most fascinating thing to happen to me. It was not even that I had survived it. It wasn’t about me at all but rather what it can do to the people around us,” Carlson said on the tape. “It is the reason for so much of the things we witness in the world. The lack of dignity. Then that strange drive that you need to conform to”That’s not in the right place. It’s the right way to do it.’ What do you think? It conveys this attitude of not caring.”

Despite the emergency situation, Carlson held his shows as usual on Wednesday. His show was presented by Jesse Watters on Thursday.

The FDA for instance, recently approved an COVID booster without trying to try it out on anyone. They handed it out to a few of mice and told them they’re prepared to go. Why bother to test if it does what it says? Why should we care if the medication reduces sperm count, results in miscarriages or ugly blood clots in otherwise healthy individuals?

Pharmaceutical companies aren’t legally sued, which means they’re protected. They don’t have to be concerned about supervision. They are the sponsors of the media companies who cover them. Big Tech censors anyone who inquires regarding their practices. Payment companies swoop in to shut down the business of those who critique Pfizer. That’s happening.

This is why the overall result is a sad one. Never before has American healthcare been as clearly corrupt than at the moment. Even the most essential ethical rules are discarded totally disregarded, you shouldn’t be shocked to hear that some hospitals have opted to make money from the mental ailment of children.

Think about your options for the University of California at San Francisco Hospital. According to some, it is one of the top hospitals worldwide. UCSF, despite its prestigious reputation, isn’t even doing its best to be a responsible parent with kids who are in the mind of TikTok that they need to change their sexuality.

A new trend is born, propelled through social media. It was not there prior to that at a magnitude. Today, it is. Instead of pause and asking “What is it and what can we do to help the children?” They simply swoop over it.

UCSF Hospital’s current guidelines for the treatment of transgender adolescents is as follows. The information we got from their website “As young people are becoming transgender at ever-lower age, genital surgery is performed on aby case basis more often for minors.”

Children’s genital surgeries -This is a important step. It’s irreversible. Then, you ask what’s the medical reason behind this? A few paragraphs further on, UCSF hospital admits that there is no medical reason for this. In fact, “In the absence of strong evidence, healthcare providers typically depend on the opinions of experts within the industry.”


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