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Tristyn Bailey killing: New evidence in Aiden Fucci murder

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement analysis of Tristyn Bailey ‘s death by Aiden Fucci has found the knife fragment discovered in her scalp to the knife found close to her body, as per the report of a laboratory.

Aiden Fucci, 15, is suspected of murdering Bailey 13-year-old Bailey Bailey, 13, his Patriot Oaks Academy classmate. Bailey was found dead in the vicinity of both their homes in the month of May 2021, in the Durbin Crossing neighborhood in northwest St. Johns County. She was stabbed at 114 times, as per her autopsy.

The latest developments on this investigation: Tristyn Bailey’s murder trial could be delayed until early 2023.

What did happen to Tristyn Bailey? Court records reveal the events that transpired on the night she was killed.

The authorities found a buck knife with a missing point in the pond that was near to the spot where Bailey’s body was discovered Investigators took it to be examined as well as the knife fragment that was found inside Bailey’s scalp.

Aiden Fucci: Tristyn Bailey’s murder trial could be delayed until 2023.

The Tristyn Bailey case: How a community brought together by tragedy , helped families in their grief

Aiden Fucci’s lawyers have tried to limit autopsy pictures and media access

Fucci’s defense team has filed numerous motions to limit the evidence in the case for example, seeking to stop the judge from preventing jurors from viewing autopsy images and also to restrict access to media. An hearing to discuss the questions has been scheduled for the morning of Friday.

The Record, The Florida Times-Union and local television stations have filed an opposition memo to the motions of the defendant to limit media and access to the public.

Circuit Judge Lee Smith said he could also decide by Friday if he wants to shift the trial date to February. The trial is planned for November.

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