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Trickum Middle School ,Georgia

Overview of Trickum Middle School

Trickum Middle School is a public school within Lilburn, GA, which is located in a sprawling suburban area. The total number of students attending Trickum Middle School stands at 2,208. The school has a student population of students aged 6-8. The school’s student population is 6-8. Trickum Middle School 55 percent of students achieved or above the proficiency level for math and 56% of them scored at or over that level in reading.The number of minority students in the school is 77 percent. The ratio of students to teachers is 17 which is lower than that of the district. The students are composed of 48 percent female students and 52% of male students. The school has 44% economically marginalized students who are economically disadvantaged. It has 128 comparable full-time teachers as well as three school counselors who are full-time.

At a Glance

Student/Teacher Ratio17Math Proficency55%Reading Proficency56%

Trickum Middle School 2023 Rankings

Trickum Middle School has been ranked 89th in Georgia Middle Schools. Schools are ranked based on their scores on state-required tests graduation, their academic performance, and the extent to which they prepare students for high school. Find out more about our methodology for ranking the best middle Schools.

All Rankings

  • #89in Georgia Middle Schools
  • #16in Gwinnett County School District Middle Schools

Test Scores at this Middle School

In this School 55 percent of students scored at or above the level of proficiency for math and 56% scored above the proficient standard for reading. Compared to District, this school scored less well in math, but better at reading, as per this measure. In the Gwinnett County School District, 51% of students were tested on or over the proficiency level in reading, while 55% scored at or above the threshold when it comes to math. This Middle School scored better in maths and better reading when in comparison to students all across Georgia. In Georgia 40% of the students were tested in the proficiency level in reading, and 43% were tested at or above the proficient standard for math.


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