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Tormund is ‘Game of Thrones” bearded, milk-chugging 

The reason isn’t due to the fact that he’s an incredibly fierce soldier, a loyal warrior in the battle against the Army of the Dead and the bearer of a huge red beard. It’s because he’s an active quote machine.

A fun-loving hedonist with no filter. Tormund is living the same way we all do if we simply didn’t care. When asked last season for his tips on how to stay comfortable in the cold conditions that awaited us north of the Wall He replied “Walking’s great. Fighting’s better. F**king’s the best.”When you’re looking for funny one-liners, however, Tormund (Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju) could have been a bit more impressive on the Sunday’s episode. While our beloved characters gathered in Winterfell in the lead-up to an upcoming showdown that could be catastrophic white Walkers the actor served the audience with the much-needed comic relief. A guy who speaks frequently about sexuality, Tormund is not so comfortable with ladies.

He’s no match with Brienne however it doesn’t mean he can’t play.

We’ve known from the beginning of last season that there was a hot relationship between him and Brienne. The imposing swordswoman deflects his flirtations that are sloppy with a barely concealed resentment. He doesn’t care.

“The big woman still here?” Tormund declares hopefulally in the latest episode, upon his arrival at Winterfell.

He then squats Brienne at a conference hall fireplace . He – in spite of the presence of around five others – plays his own play.

“It could be our last night in this world, you know,” he states. Ah, the classic “the apocalypse is coming so we may as well have sex” line. It’s not working.

Then, he expresses surprise and dismay Brienne, despite her size and ability to fight however, isn’t a knight.

“I’m no king,” he declares. “But if I were, I’d knight you 10 times over.”

We believe you would.

The tells half-mad tales that make everyone gasp

When Tyrion suggests Tormund drinks – and the entire nervous Winterfell group has a drink at this moment – he raises an huge Viking horn and says “brought my own.”

This causes Tormund to begin uninvitedly an account of how the giant he killed when he was just 10.

“Then I climbed right into bed with his wife,” he states. “Suckled me with her teats for 3 months. It was like I was her baby. This is why I was super strong. I was fed giant’s milk.”

Tormund is, as if making a pledge to a frat, continues to swig from his mouth pouring the contents over his beard.

Brienne did not look impressed.

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