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Together with Melissa Barrera and Paco Zazueta Wiki, Bio, Relationship

Melissa Barrera as Usnavi’s love character in Lin-Manuel’s In the Heights movie. The couple is currently happily engaged with Paco Xavier Zazueta offscreen. They first met when they competed on the same stage in La Academia,

A Mexican reality show aimed at music talent. She once stated that Reality TV was like a pit.

Paco me and Paco would turn around telling each other that we were the ones who had the qualities needed to stay together.

” 8 years after, Melissa was married to Paco and they’ve been in love ever since.

The couple has shared a lot of unforgettable moments together including romantic getaways, evenings at the top of the fashion world, and exercising together. Read on to find out more.

Melissa Barrera’s Relationship to Paco Zazueta, Musician.

Melissa Barrera and Paco Zzueta were married for two years. It’s an adorable love story. Pop Sugar reports that Barrera has become famous for her role as Lyn, a spirited character in the TV show “Vida”

and later, landed the part of Vanessa in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s movie “In the Heights,” which is based on”In the Heights,” a Broadway show.

She was actually married to her husband during the filming of the set of a Mexican reality show a few years back.

Melissa Barrera Martinez was conceived in Monterrey on July 4 of 1990. Melissa Barrera is her name.


Her acting career started with the telenovelas , Siempre tuya Acapulco (2013/2015) along with Tanto amor (2015). She was also a part of Club de Cuervos, a Netflix series.

The actress was also recognized for her performance in Starz’s drama show Vida (2018).

According to the publication, Barrera and Zazueta met when they were shooting “La Academia,” a show for musical talents in 2011.

In an interview in June 2019 by Variety Barrera, she reflected about her experience

On reality TV, she admitted she was on reality TV, and said that Zazueta was the reason that kept her from competing. Reality TV is an open-air snake hole.

Reality television is like a snake-pit. Barrera said that reality TV is the best method to

Find out if you’re prepared to take on the challenge.

Barrera acknowledged that she’d considered going out of “La Academia” early, however, she decided against it.

The actress said that Zazueta advised her to remain at the top of the list and work towards her musical ambitions just like she encouraged him to do for her.

Barrera revealed to Variety the way they’d inform one another, “We would take it into

We took turns telling each other we were able to make it happen.” “I wanted to make sure I didn’t ever to sing following that show.”

Then they convinced me I was not capable of doing it. They made use of a bizarre technique.

All started with the unscripted TV drama “La Academia”, a musical TV drama. Barrera, as well as Zazueta, were among the candidates for the 2011 section.

They played the next few months. They didn’t get a win, but she captured hearts of many of them, like Paco Zazueta. They started dating in September 2011. In June 2017

They shared their engagement on Instagram. Paco Zazueta is single and does not have children. The owner also has Zazueta meats.


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