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TikTok Trend: Eating Frozen Honey and Risking Ill Effects


“When you eat something that’s so high in sugar, you’re going to have an equally high insulin response, which often leads to you having that sugar high and then getting really shaky afterward as your blood sugar drops,” Ms. Rueven said.

Mr. Ramirez, who has about 5.5 million followers on TikTok, said he did not set out to start a trend. He had seen many people eat delicate, cylindrical candy on YouTube videos devoted to autonomous sensory meridian response, or A.S.M.R., but had failed to create his own version of that candy.

He later learned honey could help create the gooey texture he was aiming for. He placed some in a small bottle, froze it, recorded himself eating it and then read comments from followers asking what he had just eaten.

Two days later, he told his audience his secret. “This stuff is just honey,” he said.

From there, other TikTok creators curious about the texture filmed their own A.S.M.R.-like videos.

Eloise Fouladgar, who has about 3.6 million followers on the app, said she takes only one bite from the cold sweetness. She first wanted to try it, she said, because everyone was raving about it.

“I definitely was apprehensive at first because I was like, ‘This is so random, but it looks satisfying at the same time,’” Ms. Fouladgar said, adding that her boyfriend had tried some and felt sick afterward.

When Daniella Shaba, 20, tried it for the first time, she said the initial bite was cold, but then the honey melted in her mouth and the chewy ooze tasted good. Ms. Shaba owns a candy company and has infused her own products into the mixture.


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