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Things to Know About the Kohl’s Credit Card

If you’re located within the United States, there’s a high likelihood that you’re near a Kohl’s departmental store. MyKohlscard has more than 1,100 stores across the 49 US States (sorry, Hawaii). Kohl’s stores are most well-known for their shoes, clothing and accessories, however, they also offer a wide selection of homewares, gifts, and other items.

The co-branded credit card of Kohl’s that is partnered with Capital One — the Kohl’s Charge can be a great option for customers who are frequent and want to save a few bucks. However, getting the most value from the card is difficult because you’ll need to track various discounts, sales, and promotions.

Five things you need to be aware of about the Kohl’s Charge.

1. It’s a credit/debit card but not a credit card.

Don’t let the names fool you. although it’s called the Kohl’s Charge product is actually a credit card and not an actual credit card. (Credit cards allow you to carry the balance from month-to- each month, while charge cards require you to make payments every month in full.)

The Kohl’s Charge is however it is a “closed-loop” store card, which means it can only be used at Kohl’s.

2. There are coupons and discounts however it’s difficult to of work to keep

A variety of credit cards that are used for shopping like Target’s target REDcard(tm) Credit Card, offer cardholders a discount on all purchases. The Kohl’s card is a bit different. Instead of offering the equivalent of 5% when you shop, Kohl’s has regular sales and promotions that offer cardholders more opportunities to shop with discounts. The promotions come in a variety of kinds.

Discounts on the intro

In the beginning, the moment you sign up for the new Kohl’s Card and you are eligible for a one-time discount off the first purchase made with the new card. The most typical offer is to get 35% more off the first purchase, and an additional 15% coupon once the new card is delivered through the post.

Coupons for Kohl’s

Kohl’s Charge card holders are regularly notified of coupons that are exclusive to them, either via the mail or through the Kohl’s Wallet application. Kohl’s Wallet Kohl’s Wallet will keep track of all coupons and deals all in one place meaning you do not have to fret about coupons that are physical. Coupons are typically good for 15 percent, 20%, to 30% discount on your entire purchase for a short period of time.

Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s often has promotions that let customers can redeem the chance to redeem a coupon for $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. Coupons are distributed at the point of purchase (and are added to the Kohl’s Wallet application) However, they are only available at specific times. In this way, shoppers need to return to the store , rather than spending the money immediately.

Yes2You Rewards

The rewards program offered by Kohl’s earns points for purchases in a Kohl’s shop or online. Earn 1 per dollar you spend and each 100 points earns you a $5 reward. It’s not necessary in order to have a Kohl’s card holder to join the program.

3. Spenders who are more extravagant can be rewarded with status

If you make a purchase of $600 on your Kohl’s credit card within one annual calendar, you’ll be awarded the status of Most Valued Customer. This MVC status allows you to enjoy discounts and savings during the entire year which include the gift of a birthday treat. Additionally, you’ll get free shipping on a regular basis and you can combine it together with other Kohl’s deals and cash.

4. It isn’t a good idea to carry an unbalanced weight

As with many credit cards for stores like the Kohl’s card, this one has a substantial annual percentage rate. This means that fees for interest could be hefty in the event that you fail to make sure to pay the card in full every month.

The APR can fluctuate, but it could go up to 24.99 percent or more.

Don’t have a balance on the card. Charge only the amount you are able to repay at the at the end each month.

5. It is possible to determine if you qualify without pulling a hard inquiry on your credit

If you’re considering the Kohl’s credit card, but are concerned that you won’t be able to qualify to apply, it is possible to check prior to applying for the card without cost. Go to the Kohl’s Charge section on the site and search for the pre-qualification button. Enter your name email address, Social Security number and date of birth and you’ll immediately know if you’re eligible, and without a “hard pull” on your credit report..

If you’re not pre-qualified you should not submit the application. If you’re eligible, you’ll be given an instant pre-qualification code upon your computer screen. Make use of that code when you apply for the card before the date specified.


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