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The World’s Smartest Face Mask With Bacterial Filters Razer Mask

Razer claims it is intending to launch its new concept N95 face mask that can be reused. The mask was unveiled in January., Project Hazel includes active disc-like ventilators, Chroma RGB lighting, as well as voice projection. The face mask also is transparent, which allows for lip reading as well as the ability to detect facial expressions while talking to others.

“We thought, this is a conceptual project and it’s going to be useful once vaccinations and all the other stuff has been put into place,” says Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan during the course of an interview on Yahoo Finance. “We are planning to move forward with making this real and deliver the mask with a smart algorithm.”

Razer’s smart face mask made its appearance during CES 2021 in the spring of this year. featuring rechargeable and detachable vents and a shiny outer shell that is resistant to scratches and waterproof recycled plastic. The ventilators also serve as amplifiers for your voice because of the microphones inside so that you won’t be soft when speaking.

Its Chroma RGB lighting system allows two ventilators to light up and also automatically shine the light on your mouth when it becomes dark so that others are able to see your speech. It’s a clever mask packed with features, but Razer insists that it’s comfy to wear because of the adjustable ear-loops.

Razer hasn’t made any commitment to any kind of pricing or date for release, and the company will require approvals and certificates from the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This doesn’t stop Razer from making the clever mask a reality, however.

“Project Hazel is set to become a reality,”” Tan says. Tan. “We will get it done and I believe we’ll be wearing masks for a while to take.”

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