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The Whitaker Family: Horrors of Inbreeding Story

The idea of incest can be enough to cause one to be gross. In this case, I’m speaking about nothing but Game of Thrones. This is about the real world and, more specifically, an unsettling reality. Are you familiar with the Whitaker Family? It is known as the most notorious inbred family in Odd, West Virginia.

The Whitaker family gained global recognition due to Mark Laita, who captured them in his novel created equally (2004). Yes, he did encounter threats from neighbors who owned shotguns. He returned to his family members in the Whitaker family in the year 2020 to make a video that was criticized more than likes, yet it went viral, having more than 25 millions views. The documentary exposes the perils of breeding. The trio of Lorraine, Ray and Timmy suffer from an undiagnosed mental disorder. They live in extremely squalid conditions and have no way to live. In particular Ray He grunts. What’s the reason?

Numerous studies have revealed that the offspring of those who are inbred have a lower cognitive deficit and lung function issues and heart conditions and are at risk for other illnesses. Inbred children have greater risk of having recessive genetic diseases.

What’s the issue in Whitaker’s family? Whitaker family? There is a possibility that inbreeding is a common occurrence in certain parts in West Virginia and the way they are shielded by their neighbors could be a reason. They are afflicted with the severe consequences of inbreeding.

Inbreeding and its effects

Inbreeding refers to mating organisms that are closely related through an ancestry. This practice is against the objective of biological mating i.e. the shuffle of DNA. According to a study in 2011 Consanguineous Marriages ” the rate of the near-natal and childhood deaths is higher if the child comes from a first-degree marriage almost doubling in certain nations.”

This Mysterious Investigation into the Whitaker family

The Whitaker family is British through descent and lives in in filthy conditions.The family was initially comprised of Ray, Lorraine, Timmy (only cousin), Freddie and an unknown sister.But, Freddie died of a heart attack some time long time ago.

It is possible to connect this tale in it being the Colt Clan incest case wherein Clan slapped his daughters in order to create children. It was this four-generational incest “horror story“. However the sisters were open about it. shared bed along with their brothers. However, reliable sources indicate the Whitaker families are inbred.

Mark Latia personally warned everyone to stay clear of the Whitaker family since they are surrounded by neighbours who are armed and Raleigh County deputies. He stated, “I strongly discourage anyone who tries to locate the Whitakers since their armed neighbors as well as they and the Raleigh County deputies also insist that any anyone who is curious about them is not allowed.”

Whitaker family is extremely secretive. Whitaker family is very private Nobody knows where they came from or the identity of their parents. The Whitaker family have never spoken about their parents either. However, one thing is certain that they are all inbreds.

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