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The PlayStation 5 is available for Best Buy. Grab It Now

A standard PS5 console is no longer available however Best Buy seems to still have a few bundles that include Horizon Forbidden West for $549.99 is still available in certain locations at present.

PlayStation 5

It could be Amazon Prime Day time however it’s not a huge sales event such as this is an invitation that other stores to join in and take advantage of. We’ve observed the likes of Target along with Best Buy running “anti-Prime Day” promotions as well, as well. Best Buy is adding some additional fuel to the fire by arranging a restock of PlayStation 5 consoles for its customers who pay.

Best buy ps5

From 12PM ET to 9 AM PT on Tuesday, the 12th of July, Best Buy Totaltech members will be able to electronically wait for a standard $499.99 PS5 equipped with disc drive. Totaltech is priced at $199.99 annually, but it also comes with other perks from the major box retailer including tech support , free installation and delivery for appliances purchased from Best Buy.If you’re wondering if the previous Best Buy restocks have taught us anything, you should be sure to sign in to your Totaltech account at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled replenishment. When you refresh your site at 12PM ET / 9AM PST when you hit “Add to Cart,” you’ll be placed into the Best Buy queue. Do not refresh the page or move away from it. After you’ve cleared the line, you’ll be able to pay using the console. However, be aware that there are times when Best Buy Restocking availability depends on the location of the Best Buy location. Good luck, and keep trying.

PS5 available at Walmart click here

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