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The Eddie Munson and Stranger Things backlash has begun

A few odd Things viewers are getting over their frustration with the Eddie Munson hype on TikTok. Since the Dungeons and dragons-loving metalhead appeared in season 4 of the show, the app has been the host for tributes, cosplays, many versions of “Chrissy, Wake Up” and many more And now, subscribers have begun to rant about the presence of the character in the show.

In the report of Rolling Stone

TikTok user Naomie Lapointe recently shared videos of her experience at the Chicago-based comic expo that led to an encounter with the opposition to Eddie. The expo was attended by Naomie Lapointe, who was dressed in the character Steve Harrington – right after the Demobats attack him on The Upside Down – but managed to spot a variety of Munsons at the time and even filmed her dancing and singing with them all.

Within less than 24 hours of when the show went live The 24-year-old was greeted with a reply which stated that “‘new fans’ were ruining the show” and “cosplay is so cringe.” Lapointe stated to the magazine that she was left feeling “discouraged”, and she’s not the only one to have been the subject of rude gatekeeping.

The singer-songwriter is 19 years old. He was forced to shut off the comments on the “Eddie Baby” posts after their song ‘Eddie’s Song’ came out on Spotify. In reference to Eddie’s tragic death in the show, it describes the pain experienced through Steve as well as Dustin (Henderson) who were holding Eddie (Joseph Quinn) while he was bleeding from Demobat bites. “I’m sorry but I miss 2019 Stranger Things fandom right now,” one viewer posted on a YouTube, per Rolling Stone. “He was present for ONE season,” one person wrote. The criticisms have not gone unnoticed on various social platforms as well. “I cannot understand how people on TikTok are denouncing the Stranger Things fandom as a whole just bc some girl wrote a fansong for Eddie Munson. None of you would’ve survived broadwaystuck,” one Twitter user wrote..

“Every time I stumble upon a TikTok about hating Eddie Munson cosplayers, I just block them. tapping ‘not interested’ is not enough,” said another. “I need to block them and never see them again. Let [people] enjoy fandoms and do what they want.”

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