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The Contested Murder of Latasha Harlins

A year prior to when the L.A. riots, a 15-year-old Black high school student Latasha Harlins was killed and shot by the local grocery store. This is how Slow Burn host Joel Anderson discusses how her tragic death affected her community, and the upcoming uprising In March of 1991 Two acts of violence caused a flurry of violence in Los Angeles. Both were captured on videotape.

Both showed the flaws–of race, of wealth and power–between the city’s 9 million inhabitants. They also made clear that all the city’s Black residents how much their lives were important to the justice system. One of them was that of Rodney King. The other incident was the one that transpired to Latasha Harlins in the Empire Liquor Market. This season of The Slow Burn this season, we’re looking at the people and the circumstances that led to the largest civil unrest of American history. You don’t know what transpired when a jury was unable to find those LAPD officers who were beaten by King without knowing the events that took place to Latasha. in the 2nd episode of season we explore the life of Latasha and her family — and the details of what transpired after the teenager was killed and shot by a shopkeeper in the convenience store she frequented. Below are some of the websites that help us understand the racial context of the tale and the impact that Latasha’s death made on the local community.

Joe Anderson Latasha Harlins was killed several decades after her mother had been killed in the South-Central L.A. nightclub.A year after, the residents of Harlins neighborhood went on the streets in anger. They shouted her name out as they burned hundreds of businesses owned by Koreans. L.A. would never be the same.Pre-Existing conflict in South-Central Los Angeles Latasha Harlins was born the 14th of July, 1975 at St. Louis, Illinois. At the age of six, she moved to St. Louis, Illinois. young, her family moved from the city of St. Louis to South-Central L.A. by Greyhound bus. “When you go to another place you always expect that things will be different” explained her mother, Ruth Harlins. “You always have your hopes.” However, those hopes would soon be destroyed. Just four years after the family moved in to the L.A. apartment, Harlins mom, Crystal, was fatally shot in an L.A. nightclub.

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