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The 5 best YouTube to mp3 converters

Convert your most loved YouTube videos into MP3s online, without having to pay an amount or downloading any program.

YouTube offers more music than other websites, but you aren’t able to play it without the YouTube application.(youtube converter) In any case, you won’t be paying to purchase the YouTube Premium. Sometimes, it’s just more convenient to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files online.Unfortunately, many of the free YouTube to mp3 converters that come up on Google searches are chock-full of spammy pop-ups. Some require that you download conversion programs, and this isn’t the best choice. To address this conversion problem, we’ve put together an inventory of the top five YouTube to MP3 converters that are completely free and easy to use and 100% online, meaning that they do not require external software.(youtube converter)

Here are our top tested and tried converters for all your MP3 and YouTube requirements.

The top five free YouTube to MP3 converters online

1) YTMP3

We like it because It’s simple, clean and effective.

What you can do: Type your URL in the search bar, click “convert,” and then download. If a new window pops up, close it. That’s it. Within a couple of seconds you’ll have the MP3 file.

2.) GenYoutube

What we love about it We like it because it offers three ways of converting YouTube videos into MP3 files, according to the one that is most comfortable for you. Furthermore, it details the different methods of conversion in clear, simple-to-follow instructions on the main page.

How to utilize it: If wish to convert your YouTube video directly to YouTube simply type the YouTube URL in the black search box located at right at the very top. You can then click on the format that you wish to convert it into, in this instance MP3. It will start downloading instantly and that’s all you must do.

You can also utilize GenYoutube directly out of YouTube itself. Visit YouTube then select the video you wish to convert, and add gen prior to youtube.com in the URL of the video (making the first portion of its URL www.genyoutube.com). You’ll notice the URL changing little bit and the video will appear in the GenYoutube website.

Finally, GenYoutube gives you the possibility of downloading FireFox, Chrome, and Safari extensions. If you choose to skip the internet and instead make use of converting software then this is the method to take.

3) Y2mate

What we like about it It’s similar to YTMP3 The Y2mate interface is simple and easy to use. It’s not on the top of the list since it isn’t able to convert certain mega-viral and verified videos directly from its website. However, the videos that Y2mate works with are converted very quickly.

The method to utilize it is: Simply paste your YouTube link into the search box in red and it’ll convert it instantly. Voila! Click download and start enjoying your favorite mp3.


We like FLVTO for the following reasons The reason we like it is that although FLVTO is similar to Y2mate’s limitations for authenticated videos, the site is incredibly simple to use. Additionally, the design is enjoyable.

The procedure to utilize it is simple: Copy the desired YouTube URL into the search box and then click the ‘Agree to our Terms of Service box. After that, click the red drop-down arrow , and select the format you’d like to change your YouTube video into. After that, click “convert to then click X on the pop-up advertisement then you’re done.


We like CONVERTO for the following reasons It’s easy to use, and it can convert files fast. But, CONVERTO has just one issue: It can occasionally launch two annoying (but harmless) spam-related tabs.

What you can do: Copy the YouTube URL in the search bar, then press “convert. If an additional tab appears, simply remove it. Your video will be was converted into mp3 immediately and you can click “click here” to begin downloading. Click the X in the spam section once more and your mp3 will be downloaded in a couple of minutes.

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