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Target Announced Huge PS5 restocks

Target will change the way it handles PS5 stock. Customers will be able to buy a PS5 console from Target as soon as they receive stock, according to reliable restock tracker Jake Randall 

Target used to hold PS5 restock events every two to four week. Target would wait for enough inventory to distribute consoles across its stores and then sell these consoles in one stock drop. This change will mean that consoles will become more frequently available because individual stores will sell any PS5s received as soon as possible.

Target has been limiting the sale of PS5 consoles online to date. However, Target appears to be changing their policy. The retailer will now allow customers to purchase the console in-store. The console will not be available in stores as the demand for it continues to exceed supply. However, the PS5 is still a highly sought-after product.

Target’s online inventory is your best option for finding a PS5 at Target. You can reserve your order in-store if stock is available. Otherwise, the console might have sold by the time that you get to the retailer.

Target made the exact same changes to its Xbox Series X restock system in May last year. Most people agree that the system works well. This system makes it difficult to track Target PS5 restock trends, but it also discourages scalpers who find it hard to buy multiple consoles at the same time. This change is a win for gamers who only want to purchase a console for their personal use.

We recommend that you monitor stock levels in your local Target store if you wish to purchase a PS5 from them. It is important to remember that once stock has been received, it will not be kept for longer than necessary. Instead, it will be sold to any willing customer. If you are that person, you should keep an eye on stock levels in your area and make sure to act quickly if you see the console in stock at Target.

We are glad Target is changing up how it handles PS5 restocks. However, many other retailers continue to use the same method of gradually building their allocation in order hold one big restock every few weeks. You can always check our PS5 Restock hub to see the most recent updates from all major retailers, so you don’t miss a drop.

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