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Sunnyside High School , Washington

A brief overview of Sunnyside High School

Sunnyside High School has been ranked as 262-3747th inside Washington. Students are able to complete Advanced Placement(r) courses and tests. There is an AP(r) enrollment rate for Sunnyside High School is 7 percent. The number of students who are minorities is 93%. 71 percent of students are disadvantaged. This High School, located in Sunnyside is one of two high schools within the District.

Sunnyside High School 2022 Rankings

This High School is ranked at number 13,383-17,843 on the National Rankings. Schools are judged based according to their performance in the state-required tests, their graduation rates and the extent to which in preparing students to go on college. Learn more about how we rate the Top Schools for High School.

All Rankings

  • #13,383-17843in National Rankings
  • 262-347 in Washington High Schools
  • #11-16in Yakima, WA Metro Area High Schools

Teachers and students are at Sunnyside High School

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