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Sue Perkins Is The New Host of BBC Radio 4’s”Just a Minute

The comedian and broadcaster Sue Perkins has been confirmed as the next host for BBC Radio 4’s panel show, Just a Minute.

The announcement follows the demise of the host’s predecessor Nicholas Parsons.

Parsons presented Just a Minute from 1967 until just before his death at the age of 96 in January 2020.

“I’m beyond delighted to be asked to host this most legendary of shows,” said Perkins who is most well known for being the original host on The Great British Bake Off along with Mel Giedroyc..

In a discussion about the replacement of Parsons, Perkins said: “Nicholas’s shoes are way too big to fill, but I shall bring my own shoes, and work my socks off in them to keep our listeners entertained.”

The panellists who have been on the regular show Gyles Brandreth, and Paul Merton will return for the new seriesthat debuts on September 6, 2021, on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC Sounds app.

Perkins has a long association in Just a Minute, having appeared on the show at 58 times as an actor. She made her first appearance on the show in the year 2000.

The widow of Parsons’s husband, Annie Parsons, has also expressed her opinion on the appointment.

She said the following: Nicholas “would be delighted to know that Just a Minute will continue long into the future under the superb guardianship of Sue Perkins, who fully understands and embraces possibly the most often repeated five words on TV or radio: ‘Without hesitation, repetition or deviation'”.

Broadcaster and comedian Sue Perkins has admitted she was diagnosed with the benign brain tumor in the year 2015.

The presenter, who is 51, admitted that she did not realize that she had the disease until she had an exam for health as part of a program she was doing during the time Supersizers.

Exams revealed that Perkins was diagnosed with a cancer within her pituitary. In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Perkins said the diagnosis “destroyed” her and that she was in an “very dark time” after receiving the news.

Perkins stated: “I have been through an extremely difficult time since the cancer began to make its presence visible. Sometimes, it’s large and drives me mad, but other times it’s tiny and behind the scenes.”

Perkins claims she underwent tests to determine the adverse effects of the tumor Some of them revealed that the tumor has caused “epic destruction” in her body addison rae leaked.

She added: “It’s only really now that I think about the massive destruction that this tiny rice-shaped pituitary gland is causing. Sometimes, it affects my hormones. I’m taking a variety of tests to ensure the side effects aren’t difficult to deal with.”

“I don’t know if I would have gone on to have children, but as soon as someone says you can’t have something, you want it more than anything.”

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