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Who was the Sponsor of oscars 2022?

Sponsor of oscars 2022 : Social media users have claimed that Pfizer, one of the 94th Academy Awards’ sponsors, staged a fight between two celebrities to promote a new alopecia treatment. Recognize the truth.

One of the most talked-about celebrity scandals of 2022 so far is the Will Smith and Chris Rock slap gate affair. Social media users have claimed that Pfizer, one of the 94th Academy Awards’ sponsors, orchestrated a fight between two celebrities to promote a new medicine.

Suppose you’ve been on social media in the previous 48 hours. In that case, you surely know that Smith sprinted to the Oscar stage after Rock made a joke on his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who has alopecia areata and loses her hair due to her condition. Conspiracy theories have emerged in the wake of the slap gate incident on March 27 that Pfizer is creating medication for alopecia illness and wants to promote the new drug, despite Smith’s remorse for his unacceptable behavior at the Academy Awards.

Claim of Sponsor of oscars 2022

Another idea holds that Pfizer, the sponsor of the Oscars, staged the altercation to promote alopecia awareness before the firm submitted its most recent medicine for FDA approval.

Pfizer sponsored the Oscars last night and will soon release an alopecia medicine, one of the users tweeted. Have you yet seen the game?

Another person who tweeted about the idea claimed that Pfizer, the Oscars’ sponsor, needed a significant occasion to focus on alopecia because they have a new medication on the market. The smack was, therefore, fake. I would find this silly now, he said, but I hadn’t seen the blatant corruption of the pharmaceutical industry in the previous two years.

Fact Check

It is true that Arena, a Pfizer subsidiary and a co-sponsor of the Academy Awards, is developing a medication called etrasimod. However, etrasimod had been in development by Arena for a considerable amount of time before being acquired by Pfizer in March 2022, and Pfizer made it clear that etrasimod will compete with Bristol Myers Squibb’s Zeposia.

Moreover, etrasimod is not a magic solution for alopecia. It is being developed as an oral supplement as a long-term treatment for immuno-inflammatory diseases. The FDA submission will reportedly be evaluated scientifically, so it won’t matter what the general population thinks about alopecia.



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