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Soraya Lee Gibson : Tyrese’s Cute Daughter

Soraya Lee Gibson is famous because her father is Tyrese Gibson and her mother is a doctor. Soraya’s name has been in the news not only because her father is famous, but also because her parents are fighting. Soraya was in the news again in 2021 when her parents said she needed surgery.

The name of the surgery she needed wasn’t given, but it’s safe to say it went well, and baby girl is doing great.

The family and background of Soraya Lee Gibson

On February 14, 2017, musician and actor Tyrese Gibson got married for the second time to Soraya’s mother, Samantha Lee. Tyrese was married to Norma Mitchell from 2007 to 2009.

Shayla, Soraya’s older stepsister, was born on July 11, 2007, the day after the wedding. It’s said that the divorce was hard. But Tyrese did marry Soraya’s mom, Samantha Lee, in 2017. On October 1, 2018, Soraya was born, a beautiful baby girl. Soraya got and still gets a lot of attention because her father is a huge movie star.

Parents of Soraya Lee Gibson split up.

When people say “I do,” they usually mean for it to be forever. Most marriages don’t last forever, which is sad.

On December 30, 2020, Tyrese Gibson said that his marriage to Samantha Lee was over. He told people about this on social media and said that they were separated at the time and that the divorce would come soon. Most stories have at least two sides, and Samantha and Tyrese Gibson’s marriage problem is no different.

Both people posted about their breakup, thanking each other for the four wonderful years they had spent together and promising to stay friends and do their best for their daughter. But it wasn’t long before a fight broke out, and the public learned Samantha’s side of the story.

Samantha said in a live video that Tyrese Gibson had cut her off about money. She also said that things got really bad between them when he locked her and 2-year-old Soraya out of their Georgia home. People love “tea,” so of course this caused a big stir on social media.

But Tyrese denied all of these claims and said what he thought was true. He said that he didn’t kick out his ex-wife and their 2-year-old daughter. Instead, Tyrese said that Samantha had started stirring up trouble when he got back from a show and that she had threatened to call the police.

Tyrese said he knew things could get out of hand if he stayed in the house while waiting for the police. So, he got up and left. He also said that he did not stop giving Samantha and Soraya money. He said that Samantha wanted him to pay $20,000 a month for taking care of their daughter Soraya. Tyrese Gibson thought this was a crazy amount of money.

The Surgery of Soraya Lee Gibson

It’s not unusual for exes who are fighting to hate each other so much that it’s almost impossible for them to share custody of their kids.

But Soraya’s parents are great examples of parents who put aside their differences for their children’s sake. Even though their divorce was a public mess, they have stuck to what they said they would do for Soraya Lee Gibson.


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