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Solvably TALENT supports learning for corporates, K-12 and higher education by MassiveU

Solvably is an online platform that offers learning for corporates, K-12 and higher education.

It includes project-based learning, design thinking and gamification.

inquiry-based learning. It provides instructors, professors and employers,

with authoring tools.


Solvably combines design thinking, collaboration and real-world problem solving.

This allows learners to acquire the skills they need.

Work in teams to address pedagogically sound and standards-based problems in

Science, Math, Science, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, ELA, STEAM, ELA, PD.

Solvably TALENT supports:

Continuous performance improvement; learning and development. Employers

and/or candidates work together to solve business-relevant problems.

They also learn, develop, and track valuable workforce competencies.

Solvably offers:


Solvably provides a content library with over 450+ interactive, standard-aligned challenges. These challenges span science, technology engineering, math, English language arts and social studies.

Technical education and professional development. Learning partners work together in teams to solve problems through real-time messaging.

The learners will be able to evaluate their own and those of their peers after they have completed the course,

track learning outcomes, instructors provide formative feedback and

assessment through embedded evaluations and rubrics.

In the future, learners will be able to private message instructors.


This education technology company was established in 2013.

It offers creative platforms that convert traditional curricula to transformative 21st Century digital learning experiences.

MassiveU is a digital partner of the top publishers and partners around the globe.



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