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The advent internet shopping is making our lives simpler, but it’s also important to acknowledge how this online shopping trend has also increased the number of online fraud. Therefore, when shopping online it is essential to confirm the legitimacy of the online shopping platform. Septchic.Com is a relatively new online shopping site. Today, I’ll examine the web-based shoppingplatform Reviews. If you’re interested in knowing more about Septchic continue reading the article.

What Is Septchic.Com?

Septchic.Com is a global online retailer shop for women’s wear, shoes, dresses, and accessories. The shopping platform was founded in the year 2018 and offers an extensive selection of items to pick from. It’s an online store which offers an array of women’s clothes at a low cost. Septchic.Com also provides a registry for weddings that is ideal for those who are getting married.

Septemberchic Shipping Policy

The estimated time to deliver Septchic is based on a variety of factors which include a destination address as well as the time required to prepare the product for shipping. Septchic will only ship to a limited number of countries, including those of the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Shipping costs for Septchic are not completely free. The total cost for shipping is calculated based upon the weight of the package and its destination. Septchic provides two shipping choices: Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping. Standard shipping will cost US$3.99. 3.99 and will take 7-14 business days for the item to arrive. However, Expedited Shipping will cost you US$15.99. 15.99 and takes 3 to 6 business days for the product to arrive.

Return Policy of Septchic.Com

Septchic offers refunds and returns and they have a fantastic return policy. Septchic lets customers return their products. But, there are some limitations on returning the items —

1. The purchase can return within 14 days of receiving the package, with the exception of pantsies, swimwear, and underwear bags, and other accessories.

2. The item to be returned is to be unopened, undamaged and in its original packaging. In addition, everything contained inside the package must be in good condition.

3. If the product isn’t in its original condition, then the purchaser is responsible for all charges and no refunds is given.

4. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to pay returning the shipping cost

Purchase Not Eligible For Return –

1. The final sale or clearance item(s) are not acceptable for return.

2. Panties, underwear, and swimwear panties are not refundable or exchanged

3. The swimwear item can only be returned if damaged or defective or if the delivery is incorrect.

How To Return On Septchic

1. The first step is to login to your Septchic account.

2. Next, you need to click next to then the “Tracking Order” feature at the bottom on our homepage.

3. You will then have to input your Email Address as well as your the Order Number.

4. Then, on the right side of every order is an “Return” button on the particular order

5. Click the “Return” button to send the return request.

6. Then, you will be provided with an email address for return within 48 hours.

7. When you submit an order for return, it may take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days for the processing of your returns

8. Once your return request has been completed, you will receive an email with a confirmation

Do you think A Scam or a Legit Store?

Septchic.Com is an online shopping site, so it’s not a lot of customer reviews online. However, there are some problems regarding Septchic.Com’s website. Septchic.Com website that indicate it may be a fraud store. The main issue is that there’s no information on the owner on the site. Furthermore, Septchic.Com offers products at the lowest price, which is also a typical feature of scam websites. There are copies of content as well as copied images on the site which indicates that it’s a fraudulent store. Additionally, there are no security measures on Septchic.Com that makes it a dangerous website to visit. Here are a few reasons may be a scam. We’ll look into them!

1. Fake Company Address

Septchic has used the name of its company’s parent in the form of ZC Holding (HK) Limited and has provided an address of 2/F DAH SING LIFE BLDG 99-105 VOEUX Street C, Focal, HONG. Surprisinglyenough, several other scam websites have utilized the same address. For instance, Noracora, PearlFeet, USnotion, Morclothes, Usfinestore and more. Therefore, it creates Septchic an extremely suspicious website. If Septchic.Com was genuine, it would have employed its own official address.

2. Duplicate Image and Content

Most of the images and content of Septchic.Com are duplicated or copied. The product description, the terms of service returns policy etc. Everything has been copied and pasted from different websites! This is yet another sign that Septchic.Com is a scam.

3. Unrealistic Discount

Septchic.Com provides inflated discounts and extremely low prices on its products. Prices are so low that they are hard to believe. In many instances the price offered is a lot less than the cost of production! What is the reason for this? This kind of offer and discount are commonplace on fraudulent platforms.

4. Missing Contact Information

There isn’t a customer support contact number or contact number listed through this Septchic.Com website. In legitimate online shopping sites there is always an address for customer service and a different contact number. This also proves is a fraud.

5. Reviews Fake

There are a lot of user reviews about But the most surprising thing regarding these reviews is that there’s not one single negative review about that amazon could possibly duplicate. Thus, it can be said that the reviews are not genuine. The fake reviews of products are another indicator of a fake platform.

Is Septchic.Com worth the money?

The good news is that Septchic offers a substantial discount on their products , however there are some questions regarding the legitimacy of the business and their quality products. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of buying from Setchic.Com.

Therefore, it’s obvious that shopping at Septchic.Com is not a wise choice and is certainly not worth the cost. There are many other reliable online shopping sites that you can purchase your desired items.

Final Verdict

To conclude this article In conclusion, I’m able to say that Septchic.Com has issues with legitimacy and is not the website on which you can place your faith in. In reality, Septchic is a scam site. Therefore, my suggestion is not to shop on Septchic.Com!

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