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Secrets of the popularity of World of Warcraft

Despite its impressive age, the Blizzard project is wildly popular around the world due to interesting gameplay and the well-known confrontation between the horde and the alliance. A movie was even made on MMO.

What is the secret of the undying popularity of the project, let’s figure it out.

Constant work on updates

Any online game has its own development ceiling, the differences are only in the difficulties of achieving it. Therefore, game developers are constantly busy releasing new updates and events. Players should always have something to do and where to strive, otherwise the gameplay becomes boring and due to lack of emotions, gamers may leave the project.

Permanent new hunting zones and raids, weapons and armor, for the extraction of which you need to spend a lot of game time. Objects for which you must constantly fight for entire factions.

Live economy

The basis of any successful online game is a living economy – where any product has its price and is in demand on the market.

It is always difficult for beginners to catch up with top players, but due to good economy it is quite possible to compete for the title of the best player after a while.

Start your journey and save in-game gold, or make an investment on the site for an easy start, each player will decide for himself.


The game is an MMO project with regular updates. But thanks to a well-thought-out quest and faction system, each player can choose a convenient way and place for pumping.

Do you want to go through the storyline and explore the new update? Welcome.

Prefer to remember past updates and explore old locations without losing your pace? It’s also possible.

The game has implemented a lot of mechanics for a variety of gameplay:

  • Quests
  • PVP
  • hunting zones
  • raids
  • Professions
  • Achievements
  • Archeology


All tasks in the World of Warcraft are designed to better acquaint the player with the game universe. Tasks are plot – telling the main story and side. Side ones are built on helping local residents and bring experience and gold.


The PVP segment in WoW is implemented very extensively. Players can challenge each other to a duel, fight on the battlefields for control of territories, destroy representatives of the enemy faction, and all for the sake of getting PVP coins.

Coins help players who like to fight with others instead of leveling in the fields. For special coins, you can buy improved equipment and weapons.

Hunting zones

Special zones with inhabited monsters, zones are often associated with quests. It will not work much to level up by killing monsters not related to quests, but replenishing the bag with resources is completely. 

In the hunting zones, you can find a lot of interesting things related to resources. For example, ore deposits, or places where herbs are collected. All of these are associated with professions and are consumables that can be sold to other players, or kept for future professions.


One of the most popular activities in the WoW world. Large groups of players are sent to raids with one goal – to destroy hordes of enemies and defeat the main boss. Raids differ in difficulty and rewards comparable to the difficulty of passing. You need to have a well-played and equipped group in order for the raid to go smoothly.


With each new update, professions lose their influence on the economy on the server, but still affect the financial situation of the player. Monsters drop resources related to professions. The player can either mine and sell the resulting trophies, or save and sell through the creation of items to equip himself, or selling on the marketplace.


Achievement system – these are special tasks associated with the regular performance of some actions to diversify the gameplay.

Players have to complete tasks, destroy monsters and bosses, use abilities,

craft items and many other tasks to get experience and unique consumables and mounts as a reward.

Some unique mounts can only be obtained through the achievement system


Archeology in the MMO is implemented through a system of excavations and related tasks, so that the most curious players can get to know the World of Warcraft universe better and receive unique rewards.

The main task of archeology is to allow players to get to know the game universe better, encounter other archaeologists and get another activity that is interesting to comprehend in their free time from raids.


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