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The school district in Uvalde shooting county in the US state of Texas suspended its entire police force on Friday

According to Reuters, the entire Uvalde County, Texas, United States police force was suspended on Friday. This decision came almost four months after the tragic shooting at Robb elementary school, in which 19 children were killed and two teachers were injured.

The results of the Texas Police Chiefs Association’s investigation into the shooting incident will be available later in October. One month into the new academic year, campus police operations were temporarily suspended.

The Guardian reported that the move was in response to outrage at the hiring of an ex-Texas state trooper. Two other members of the District were placed on administrative leave. Lieutenant Miguel Hernandez, and Ken Mueller (director of student services) were placed on administrative leave. Mueller is expected to retire.

The police department was also under scrutiny for their response to the shooting. This included delays by officers in catching the gunmen who were hiding in one of the classrooms.

According to the news agency, the school district also requested additional Texas Department of Public Safety officers for campus security. This development was made after the Uvalde Consolidated independent School District was sued by parents of the children who survived the shooting. Pete Arredondo was resigned as chief of police in August. Arredondo was the chief of the small police force that patrolled school grounds.

The shooting that occurred on May 24, resulted in the deaths of 21 people, including 19 children aged 7-10 years old and two teachers. Salvador Ramos, 18, was identified as the gunman. Reports state that 400 police officers waited almost an hour outside schools classrooms before shooting the gunman.


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