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Rolled Leather Dog Collar: How to Choose the Right Size?

Using a high-quality collar is one of the initial components of a dog’s training. This is the most significant element of dog ammunition, a sign that the animal has an owner. Selecting a collar is a real science because it should fit the dog in size, not cause discomfort, and be very strong. So, it is advisable to pay attention to the material, as well as the design features of the accessory. But size is the primary criterion for selection.

The originally rolled dog collars are represented on the website, which can be visited by following the link They have some advantages over other types of custom collars. Read more about this below, and learn how to pick up a suitable size of rolled leather dog collar for your puppy.

Main Advantages of Customized Rolled Dog Collars

Leather is a reliable, durable, and eye-catching material. Leather accessories are considered the best for pets compared to collars made from other materials, including cotton, nylon, leatherette, metal, plastic, tarpaulin, etc. That is why such collars are widely popular today.

When selecting a collar, do not choose soft leather, as it can stretch. Also, pay attention that moisture spoils the skin, so it is better to buy a collar with trimmed edges.

The round leather dog collar can consist of one or two layers of leather. On the reverse side, the leather collar is usually covered with a soft cloth. When purchasing a collar with various metal ornaments, you should make sure that they are firmly attached and do not pose a threat to your dog.

Some dogs gnaw on leather collars, so keeping them within reach of your pet is not appropriate. The skin under the leather collar can crack due to water or heat, so it is important to choose only quality accessories, which, for example, are on sale in the online store

The Right Collar Size for a Dog: Features of Choice

The pet will be able to easily remove a too-loose accessory but a too-tight collar will also cause discomfort. Therefore, it is important to be responsible for selecting the size of a collar. When fitting, there should be approximately 2 fingers of free space between the collar and the neck of a dog.

To define the size in advance, you should measure the circumference of the neck of a sitting or standing dog, making sure that the centimeter tape does not sag and does not sink into the body. 5-7 cm is added to the result.

The size of the collar is nominated on a different principle. Its maximum length should correspond to the girth of the head in the widest place. The length of the strict collar should exceed the neck circumference by only 2-3 cm to ensure a timely response to the jerk.

As a rule, short round dog collars for small breeds are narrower, and ammunition on a neck of big girth differs in considerable width. But most manufacturers do not establish a strict relationship between the width and length of collars. When choosing the width, you should also take into account the length of the neck and type of hair. The wide collar is suitable for a long neck.

Owners of short-haired dogs can select a wide collar but owners of animals with long thick fur should know that a wide collar can provoke the appearance of chafing. Narrow models will suit them better, fur will soften the pressure and will not allow a narrow collar to cut into the body. Herring collar, widened under the throat and narrowed at the back, is suitable for pets with sensitive skin and hyperactive pets, who like to make unexpected jerks, in which a narrow collar cuts into the throat.

Thus, the rolled leather collar is an imperative accessory for every dog. A cheap model can cause discomfort or even harm a dog’s health and quickly become unusable. Therefore, it is better to buy a quality customize model from reliable manufacturers. Also, pay attention to the personalized collars indicating the name of a pet and the names of owners. Using them you can be sure that your pet will not get lost. A wide selection of such collars is available at


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