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RIP Ajax September 10, 1980, Who Was to Blame?

You might be wondering why people are worried about what happened to Ajax on September 10, 1980, since the news of his death spread like wildfire on the internet. Most teens only spend half of their day at high school. High school is one of the places where bad things happen to students the most.

This story tells about a bad thing that happened at a high school. The school has always been a very important part of a person’s life because it is the only place where students can learn and get moral lessons. But the number of high school students dying yearly is increasing. Sometimes it’s because of bullying or an accident, but the case of Ajax on September 10, 1980, was very different. Let’s find out what happened with Ajax.

Who was Ajax?

Ajax, whose real name was Adrian Persia, went to a high school known all over his city and state. According to the official statements, Ajax was with one of his friends in the school hallway on September 10, 1980. The school’s hall of concerts was in the room where he was wandering. Ajax and one of his friends get into a fight, and Ajax’s friend shoots him with a gun, killing him on the spot. But the news said that it was an accident, but every student at the school knew that one of his friends had killed him.

Where did the high school go?

As was already said, Spingarn high school was one of the most well-known schools at the time. However, after one of the most talented students died, the school’s reputation went down the drain. Because of this terrible event, the number of new students dropped, and some students who were already there dropped out.

Who was to blame?

At first, it was said that Ajax’s death was nothing more than a sad accident. But it was later found that Michael Joseph Pratt caused Ajax’s death. Ajax died on September 10, 1980. He was only 16 years old at the time. Michael was only 18 years old, on the other hand. He wasn’t even all grown up. Reports say that Michael shot Ajax on the spot since he hadn’t planned to kill him at first. Even the people in charge at school didn’t know what caused Ajax and Michael to fight.

Everyone at school was sad about Ajax’s death, and the event is now very well known on the internet. Ajax was only 16 years old when he died, and he still had a lot to do in his life. His loved ones were shocked by his death, and they still couldn’t get over the fact that he died so young.

The government has completely shut down Spingarn High School and has no plans to reopen it. Still, it tells you everything you need to know about the Ajax murder mystery. The school said it was hard to tell if Michael’s gun was real because it was so small.


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