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Denver’s Restaurant Lempira licenses were suspended

Restaurant Lempira : The Denver Department of Excise and Licenses has revoked the operating licenses for two businesses which were involved the fatal shootout earlier Monday morning, the Executive Director Molly Duplechian announced in a news release issued on Tuesday.

The shooting took place about 12:30 a.m. at 1452 Uinta Street in Denver.

According to media news partner 9News the incident was recorded via bar security cameras as well as by an HALO camera that was located at near the junction of Uinta Colfax and Colfax.┬áThe HALO video captured “a fairly large disturbance as well as physical altercations spill from the establishment” about 12:30 a.m. According the arrest statement.

Police say five men were associated with a red pickup that was situated on Uinta close to the Bar. The suspect was then identified later as security guard Dante Pacheco Rodriguez is observed “interacting with” the group. At one time, the group was spotted hiding at the back of the truck as if they were taking cover as per the affidavit. The incident occurred at 12:31 a.m. According to police the suspect fired at the truck three times.

at 12:35 a.m. According to police all five persons were inside the truck and the driver started pulling away from the scene, heading towards the south. The suspect fired around three shots more at the truck before it left, according to police.

The truck stopped about one block away from Uinta Street. Police arrived and discovered the victim lying sitting on the ground next to the truck. The victim had suffered a single gunshot wound to his body police reported. The victim was taken to a hospital in the morning, where he was declared dead. The name of the victim has not yet been revealed.

Police say that the suspect drove the vehicle and the bullet struck his back when the truck drove off.

Police have said that nobody else inside the truck was struck in the shooting.

The business suspensions comprised an order for the security officer employer license that is held through J&M Security LLC and the hotel and restaurant liquor license as well as dance cabaret license that is held through Vigua LLC, doing business under the name Restaurante Lempira.

The department also revoked the business license of Cabin Tap House in 1919 Blake St. after a shooting on the premises on January. 1.

The owners of both businesses can challenge the license decision in an upcoming city hearing, the time of which is yet to be decided. In this instance, a recommendation will be made to Duplechian on whether companies need to get their licenses renewed either suspended, revoked or reinstated.

Denver is, in contrast to towns in other states requires a permit for security guards and the companies who employ them. In this instance the shooting, there were four security guards who were involved in the shooting, three of them were not licensed however they were still employed by the security firm.

The security guards employed for J&M Security LLC are Dante Pacheco-Rodriguez Royce Parker, Katie Diaz and Lacy Smith.

The security company was hired with Vigua, LLC to work at Restaurante Lempira. The security guards carried firearms however only Diaz was licensed and endorsements required to become an armed security guard as per the summary of suspension.

Pacheco-Rodriguez is currently being held for one count of murder in the first degree as well as five charges of attempted murder.

In addition to the fatal shot, a security guard illegally shot their gun in the air, in an attempt to disperse the crowd According to police. Security guards also fired a gun at a customer with an rubber bullet. Security guards also collected the shell casings from the bullets that were fired during the incident, as per the summary of suspension.

It’s not the first time that this establishment is in trouble regarding authorities from the Department of Excise and Licenses in the past, as per previous documents issued from the department. There have been reports that the restaurant was providing alcohol to minors, in addition to security guards that did not satisfy the city’s requirements for having the required license. There was also a report where a firearm was carried without permission on the premises.

There was no evidence of any prior disciplinary actions from the city’s security company.

Restaurant Lempira was unable to return an inquiry received from Denver Gazette in an effort to obtain a statement.


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