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Rachel Uchitel on the N.D.A. She Signed With Tiger Woods


After the documentary came out in January, she heard from Mr. Holtz, Ms. Uchitel’s main adversary in managing the N.D.A., who calls himself “Ray Donovan with a pen,” on his website.

“If you get a job, I’ll come after your wages. If you get married, I’ll go after your joint bank account. I will come after you for the rest of your life,” she said he told her. Soon she got notice of Mr. Holtz’s intention to continue to pursue damages against her, despite her bankruptcy protection.

In an email sent in April to Mr. Holtz and Mr. Woods, Ms. Uchitel proposed a $275,000 annual stipend from Team Tiger that would allow her to live within about 30 miles of her ex-husband (per her custody agreement) while forgoing the only work she says she can get, which requires her to interact with the press.

Otherwise she could, she wrote, “kill myself, not sure why you are trying to make someone do that? You are trying to make my life unlivable.” Or, “You can leave me alone completely, with a notice that you will, so I will back off too.”

Or, she wrote, “I can sing like a canary,” adding an expletive.

Mr. Holtz did not reply.

But he did show up at the virtual bankruptcy hearing in May, himself represented by Jerrold L. Bregman, known for his commentary on the bankruptcy of Gawker Media after its legal battle with Hulk Hogan. He argued that Mr. Holtz wasn’t notified of Ms. Uchitel’s bankruptcy filings in a timely fashion.

“This is Rachel Uchitel, representing myself,” Ms. Uchitel said, and tried to explain that she repeatedly told a lawyer who prepared her bankruptcy filing to add Mr. Holtz, as the representative of Mr. Woods and his company, to the papers and to notify him of her intent.


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