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Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovalev reach new family milestone

The Countdown star posted to Instagram to share a cute photo of the baby beginning to walk in a play pit. The caption reads: Rachel Rileyexclaimed: “Proud mommy baby spam alert – 8 months, 6 days old Noa was the first to walk today. Fans were quick to share their thoughts on the post, and many were sympathetic to Rachel needing to be on “alert”. One user wrote: “Wow – it’s terrifying because they’re not aware [laughing emojisMy son is 9 months old… And it was a nightmare for me. “Another said: “My son walked at 8 months, you have to have eyes in the back of your head.” Another comment said: “Oh wow! That’s early! Clever baby! The weekend could be interesting!”

The momentous occasion comes just 2 weeks since Rachel Riley and Pasha have celebrated their third anniversary as husband and wife. Sharing a previously unseen picture from their weddingday, Rachel wrote: “What happened in Vegas was not the only thing that happened in Vegas. Three years of marriage to this beautiful man and more!

The presenter on TV, 36, as well as the professional dancer 42 were introduced in the show Strictly Come Dancing in the year 2013. They surprised viewers by tying the knot in a private marriage ceremony at Las Vegas on 28 June 2019, long before they had even declared their engagement. They are now parents to two girls who are little Noa and Maven, who is two years old. Maven.Rachel recently opened up about her experience with the Strictly “curse” of marrying Pasha. While in the series, the television actress announced that she had split from her former partner Jamie Gilbert. Shortly after the series, she and Pasha confirmed they were in a relationship.Speaking to the Sunday Times Magazine, the blonde beauty expressed her feelings about the Strictly ‘curse’, the idea that celebrities tend to fall in love with their professional partners, arguing that it wasn’t the right term for her experience.

Rachel Riley laughed: “Are you calling my babies a curse? That’s not right!” The maths genius went on: “If you have cracks, Strictly can expose them. It gave me the distance to make the break that was going to happen anyway.”

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