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PS5 restock at GameStop stores August20

Make your plans now In-store GameStop PS5 Restock will take place on today (August 19) and will continue through tomorrow. The retailer made the announcement It will offer PS5 consoles at select retailers on Friday, but for PowerUp Rewards Pro members only. For those who aren’t members bundles will also be on sale on the 20th of August on a Saturday for all customers.

Information about the GameStop PlayStation 5 release are available via Matt Swider. of of Shortcut . Matt is among the most well-known trackers on stock around, with reliable sources from nearly all major retailers. As per Matt, GameStop will have more digital consoles on hand than normal in addition to Madden NFL 23 will be available in select bundles.

The in-store restock event is expected to start at the time of opening of each store (which could start as early as 8 a.m. in the local time zone). To remind you that this PS5 replenishment requires that you be registered as a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership. GameStop has secured all its next-gen console restocks under the premium program for members since the beginning of 2021. We expect that the retailer will continue to follow this approach for the near future.

GameStop is also known for selling its supply of PS5 consoles as pre-built bundles , and this restock is likely to keep the trend going. While bundles aren’t necessarily the cheapest method to get the PS5 however, at a minimum GameStop always has the full retail price of the products which means you’re not being prices that are inflated. Be sure to check out the GameStop promo coupons page to find coupons and special offers. If you’d rather buy your console online , or aren’t looking to overspend to purchase a high-priced GameStop bundle, make sure to visit our PS5 replenishment hub. This complete guide is updated regularly with the latest information from every major retailer. Be aware that Amazon accepts applications for registration for their PS5 bundles.

Register to buy PlayStation 5 direct from PlayStation® Official Site| PS5 restock

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