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Prospect Point Elementary , Walla Walla

A brief overview of Prospect Point Elementary

Prospect Point Elementary is a public school in Walla Walla, WA, located in a tiny urban area. The population of students at here is 461 and the school is open to students from children in grades K-5. In Prospect Point Elementary, 62 per cent of students scored at or above the level of proficiency for math and 63 per cent of them scored over that level in reading. The School’s minority student population is 35 percent. The ratio of students to teachers is 13 which is more than that of the district. The student body is composed of 50 percent women and 50 percent male students. The school has 41% economically marginalized students. There are 36 full-time equivalent teachers.

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Prospect Point Elementary 2022 Rankings

This Elementary is ranked at #480 within Washington elementary schools. Schools are evaluated based on their scores on state-mandated exams, graduation, as well as the extent to which they prepare students for high school. Learn more about our process of determining the best elementary schools.

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  • #480 in Washington Elementary Schools
  • #1in Walla Walla Public Schools Elementary Schools

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Teachers and students at Prospect Point Elementary

These numbers as well as the percentages of students as well as teachers come from the data provided by the state’s education departments to the federal government.

Test Results for Prospect Point Elementary

At Elementary, 62 percent of students achieved or above the proficiency level in math, while 63% scored over that threshold for reading. Compared to the District, this school performed better in math and reading, based on this measure. For Walla Walla Public Schools, 46% of students were tested on or above the level of proficiency in reading, and 43% of students tested at or above the proficient threshold when it comes to math. This Elementary scored higher in math, and better in reading when compared to other schools throughout the entire state. In Washington, the majority of pupils passed in the level of proficiency for reading, while 49% of them tested at or above the proficient standard for math.

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