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Pokemon Unite Glaceon guide: Best builds with movesets

The Ice-type variant of Eevee Glaceon has swiftly established its place in the Pokemon Unite metagame as a powerful attacker. There are a few negatives to this creature like its slow scaling and its overall output. The damage that Glaceon deals is determined by its Ice Crystals. However, players who master the creature will overwhelm their foes and cause them to be frustrated.Glaceon is a formidable ranged creature in Pokemon Unite, and several builds that can work great according to the trainer’s style of play. It is an S-Tier attacker that every competitive player needs to master how to use.Battle Item

  • Eject Button The button makes the Pokemon move swiftly in a specific direction.

Held Items

  • Muscle Band Basic attack damage is increased by a specific percentage depending on the opponent’s HP.
  • Wise Glasses: Increases Special Attack.
  • Buddy Barrier Buddy Barrier: When Glaceon makes use of its Unite Move it, the creature as well as its closest ally who has the lowest HP receive the protection of the percentage of their maximum HP.


Based on the requirements of the team Based on the needs of the team, this Pokemon Unite Glaceon build works across all three lanes. The combo of the move in this build activates an Ice Crystal mechanic and helps to do the most damage.

The held items can make Glaceon’s attacks more powerful as well as providing some additional defense through Glaceon’s Buddy Barrier. The Eject Button is a way to increase mobility to escape combat if needed.

Pokemon Unite players need to be constantly in the offensive against the opposing team. When you’ve used Ice Shard, the basic attack is now Ice Crystals with a range that reduces the power of opponents Pokemon and lets Glaceon remain ahead and dominate them.


The hit-and-run feature in this Pokemon Unite build keeps Glaceon active and risky. Glaceon’s abilities to dash and its enhanced speed coupled with X Speed permit it to move into and out of combats quickly.

The creature is boosted in power from its Hold Items. This will let Glaceon to take the lead during Pokemon Unite. When an area is cleared then the rest of the team will be able to advance and the Ice-type could even assist with scoring.

As a ranged attacker it is important at keeping their distance to the maximum extent possible from enemies Pokemon. It should not be a difficulty in taking down most opponents before they’re capable of closing the gap.


Trainers can use the Icicle Spear as well as Glacial Stage in tandem with the Pokemon Unite. Gamers should begin by acquiring Ice Crystals. They can also get some free hits that are far away using Icicle Spear and Freeze Dry.

If Glacial Stage and which is the Unite Move, is available and players can use it to transform Glaceon into an frozen turret. Infinite Ice Crystals are available when Glacial Stage is in use and chipping away at opponents in addition to the boss Pokemon.

The items Glaceon receives in this build will strengthen its attack, increase an increase in HP and defense boosts once it is activated. Unite Move is activated. Gamers must earn EXP in order to level the creature, as well as get the Unite Move going as often as they can.

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