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Planned murder of Cheerleader Tristyn Bailey, by dragging her into the woods, stabbing

The body of Tristyn Bailey, a thirteenth grader in the
seventh grade at Patriot Oaks Academy in Saint Johns was found on on May 9 only
hours following the time she had been reported missing by her
parents.The 14-year-old boy is taken into custody on a murder
first-degree charge over the death of Tristyn.

Witnesses claim Aiden Fucci
talked about stabbing an individual to death.

A student who claimed to be was close to Aiden Fucci said he
talked about killing people often and that in the month prior to Tristyn
Bailey’s murder the student said he had a plan to kill someone by pulling an
uninvolved person into the woods, and then stabbing them, as per the just
released St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office report. The acquaintance
further stated that there were times when Fucci “would use his knife and
make up a fake stab with it

A buck knife that was linked to Fucci by witnesses of
adolescence has been found, Larizza said, adding the knife, located in a pond
close to Bailey’s corpse, matches the stab wounds she sustained. Larizza
said the information was provided by Chief Medical Examiner. The knife’s
tip was discovered in her scalp.

DNA evidence has also been discovered, Larizza
said. Fucci’s DNA was discovered in Bailey’s corpse. Her DNA was
discovered on a pair shoes as well as a shirt that was in his room following
Fucci was detained.

aiden fucci

Study of a case:

Analysis of an incident Based on an investigation of the
St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office One of Futch’s female classmates, who
was an instructor in Patriot Oaks Academy who also was a student, told
investigators that the murder suspect’s accomplice was talking about numerous
murders.. In the report, Futch replied, What is it with me?

The police raided the house of Futch they found a backknife
scabbard , bloody shoes and shirts inside his bedroom.

According to the police the back knife that was found in a
pond close to the spot where Bailey’s body was discovered was similar to a
teenager’s puncture wound.

A look at jeans that was allegedly washed by Futch’s mom
returned with bloody traces discovered in a drainage in the home of a family

Futch was first arrested for a second time and was detained
in the Juvenile Justice Center the day when Bailey’s body was discovered.

Officials have said that his DNA was discovered throughout
Bailey’s body.

The prosecution later upgraded the case to a first-class
murder. Futch was eventually convicted in adulthood.

Timeline :

· Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. she
was reported missing by authorities. officials as well as officials from the
Florida Department of Law Enforcement assist in the search effort.

· Sunday 4.49 p.m.:A Florida missing
Child Alert is released.

. Neighborhoods, colleagues and deputies look for the missing
teen throughout the day.

Sunday 6:30 p.m.: The sheriff’s
office ends the search.

Sunday 8.30 p.m.: Sheriff’s
Office organizes a news conference to announce on the location of Tristyn
Bailey is believed to be discovered.

Sunday 9.30 p.m.:Family of Tristyn
Bailey seeks privacy

Monday 11:11 a.m.:The St. Johns
County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of Aiden Fucci, 14, for
second-degree murder for the death of Tristyn Bailey that was found missing on
in the morning on Sunday.

Monday 1 p.m.: St. John’s
County dive team was observed diving in the area just off the Racetrack
Road. It is unclear if this was related to the investigation.

Tuesday, 8:30 a.m.:Aiden Fucci is
charged with second degree murder, is brought before an official judge.

Tuesday, 1 p.m.: St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office announces details of Bailey’s death that she was
stabbed to death.



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